Kontrol DJ Kontrol DJ
Kontrol DJ Kontrol DJ

Kontrol DJ, MIDI Control Surface for DJ from Kontrol DJ.

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T2Zundt 09/05/2007

Kontrol DJ Kontrol DJ : T2Zundt's user review

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I dare not even say "happy owner" ....

Hello you

I just received my Kontrol.
Super Fast: buy a morning Reue noon the following day. Class. I bluff.

The notice of Numlock on the product is exact on some prs parfaitment all.
Quality of the product, follow the manufacturer's installation and without any obvious bug. I joined all of a.
(Rq: buttons: they are not cheap, it's on, but are not highly refined.)

My only problem: I play for 8 years on CDJ500 Pioneers. Allseas'm hyper on it. From this experience, I found no way the same sensations After a few days of testing. We must say that even when I am in traktor 3 (which is not at all prcis, but then not at all), I configure the board not yet kontrol my sauce, and that, Simply, I beginners it.

Matter be continued.
some time APRS

Well, there is a better.
This controller is very well.
I spoke prdemment of "feeling" .... I though the boards again.
The mix occur in all plutt well and there's really how much work trs.
trs'm happy.

My only concern, always, Traktor, but I think that has come with time.