Ksfx 10/10/2012

Novation Twitch : Ksfx's user review

«  Some flaws but a great room for improvement for a beginner »

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How long have you been using?

1 year

Did you try many other models before buying it?

No, Twitch was then offer the most "complete" (hardware and software quality '

What is so special that you like most and least?


Pads and built-in functions with ITCH really fun to use and is an asset if you want to move to the "live" with Ableton Live (I'm just a beginner so I can not really detail it.

With Traktor and the possibility of mapping characters (control 4 decks, decks remix, mapping effects pad style "instant gratification mapping" of DjTechtools it must be really fun.

The TouchStrip be quite (in Itch) to wedge a piece and navigate it (for it surprised skeptics)


It has already been said, the main flaw of the sound output Twitch is feeble but this defect can be easily compensated (in Traktor, and perhaps soon with Serato DJ) I think the "coupling" with another midi controller with sound card (or K2 xone reloop contour) with an output greater or even routing the output to an external sound card. I think buying a K2 or Reloop Contour (to the external mixer in Traktor) to compensate for this defect when I be producing (for the moment I learned the basics in my "bedrooom"

The other least in my opinion it is the rotary pitch control: I am a beginner and I'm trying to learn the basics properly (no sync for the moment) and I think an overview of the physical pitch fader with would have been easier to control. But again this concern can be circumvented in traktor (I think to get the pitch of the volume faders knobs and vice versa)

Finally, another less: the absence of jogwheel even if the scratch on the controller is not necessarily that eventually I plan to buy a turntable to learn

How do you rate the quality / price?

At the time it was best today with my inclination to scratch I may be taking anything but the opportunities this controller is really not bad.

Now for the price (345 euros for the nine twitch) I think a config Twitch + K2 / Contour S2 may be worth especially if you think you initiate to live after you have to add the price for Traktor but now it is not too expensive

At the building not too worried, I just Keylock LED on the left side that does not light up (and yet I take good care) but hey it's not too serious

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

The main concern is that Twitch is in my opinion more suited to experienced users (controllerists in the text) in search of "performance" as new users who want to learn to mix (especially because of the rotary pitch but this is a problem easily solved).

I bought the twitch to start "serious" in DJing with a good margin learning. Today I can buy secondhand S2 be a controller or a more "traditional" but quality (Reloop, S2) but Twitch for the opportunities it offers is a good choice for someone who wants a dj controller / Ableton. Again this controller offers a big big room for improvement (I've had a year and I'm still far from having explored all the possibilities it offers creative (cue point juggling, build up, samples) with ITCH / Serato DJ with Traktor / Ableton Live, it must be huge

Do not hesitate to PM if you have any questions.