Thibault. F 09/14/2010

Numark Total Control : Thibault. F's user review

" really nice"

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I use it for a week, two hours per day with traktor LE (only sold with software)

I try any other model before purchasing it with the tc I threw myself into the mix

I like:
-Ease of use: AUBOUT a few minutes I think people enjoy already

-The possibilities: you can really do good things with

I do not like:
-Instalation rather laborious but happy after the

-Some sizzling knob: nothing really bad if you do not play in the evening

value for money is pretty good for the console itself without forgetting that you still have to add the little dj io (which is very good on the other hand is the instalation is very simple one or two minutes) and a headphone (for my denon hp from the 500 (too perfect)

I do it again this election without the least hesitation to show very good if you stick to DJing