Sonorent 12/30/2010

Numark Mixdeck : Sonorent's user review

«  The most comprehensive on the market! »

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I use the four months since MIXDECK. I had a Hercules rmx consoles before, interesting console to start, but quickly limited to the mix (too small and quality of its average).

As the digital generation controllers I always used to the mix. The problem for me was the lack of CD player at parties. So I was looking for a rack with mixer and cd players single until I discovered the MIXDECK. It allowed me to sell my console and have everything in 1. The polyvalant is really the strong point of this console: one moves from CD, USB key, care for, in traktor or the iPod with a single button is great! Great sound quality.

It would simply wanted a slightly larger version of Traktor with more effects, and in a perfect world, the motorized stages. But the price was not the same! the iPod is in my opinion a bit superfluous.

Value for money rather interesting. No equivalent on the market, or so some systems 19 ', but nothing comparable. 125 € to put after the flight case for Numark are essential!

A repeat without hesitation