DJ Gear tutorials

  • How To Create Surround Sound

    How To Create Surround Sound

    07/25/13 in DJ Software

    INTRODUCE The surround effect in Mp3 Player Morpher lets you use all the speakers of your multichannel audio system like 5.1 (or others) when listening to stereo or mono songs. It allows to control the subwoofer bandwidth …

  • How To Make An MP3 CD

    How To Make An MP3 CD

    07/14/13 in DJ Software

    This tutorial will guide you on step-by-step process of burning your favorite audio files to MP3 CD. There are 6 steps to accomplish:   STEP 1: Open Burner Tab Switch to the burner module by clickin…

  • Positioning Your DJ Equipment

    Positioning Your DJ Equipment

    03/03/08 in DJ Consoles

    IntroductionTo be a good DJ you must first be a well-organized DJ, who knows how to set up his gear in a way that’s best adapted to his style. If you’re a beginner DJ and you don’t have any idea how to place your gea…