Maestro double manche
Maestro double manche

double manche, Double Neck Electric Guitar from Maestro.

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Dark Touffus 06/30/2014

Maestro double manche : Dark Touffus's user review

«  a monster in a guitar »

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Hello everyone,
So what I saw is made in the USA by Gibson plants but with less finish the REAL Gibson (which seems logical to me).

Regarding microphones, there are 5, 3 to 6 strings and the handle 2 to handle 12 strings.
These are all simple microphone that makes sounds pretty good in my opinion!
There is a pickup selector per game which is pretty cool but not switch between the two rounds, both are operating at the same time!
There is a tone control and volume for both races.


Then the sleeves are super nice no complaints no unnecessary varnish that makes movement difficult or unpleasant.
but it is its weight wood is really good!
Access to acute is feasible but personally I never go.

THE sounds is easy to find


It should have any style from rock to blues to all derivatives!
I play with amps all-tube (marshall, blackstar, kustom) and it goes very well with everyone and no matter the cabinet but the single-limit so no metal!

the sounds of metal is disgusting but logical
and blues and funk sounds is perfect especially when playing the 12-string adds a ca something.


I very intelligent people customs have open levels knob to see if there were no drugs or other products in the coup have degraded me screw caar places to unscrew they learned top and ripped ...
but hey I changed all this is again all nice and clean.