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Double Neck Electric Guitars user reviews

Translated user reviews
  • Maestro double manche

    Maestro double manche - " a monster in a guitar"


    Hello everyone, So what I saw is made in the USA by Gibson plants but with less finish the REAL Gibson (which seems logical to me). Regarding microphones, there are 5, 3 to 6 strings and the handle 2 to handle 12 strings. These are all simple…

  • Epiphone G-1275 Custom

    Epiphone G-1275 Custom - kingberu's review


    Model made in Korea sleeves glued mahogany mahogany body, flamed maple veneer on the table. Note that on my body is in one piece! We will say that I am fallen! Seieuse for use, replace the plastic frets by models that allow for tuning more flexible…

  • Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck

    Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck - guyCnet's review


    MODEL 1979 - Colour Cherry Config original pickups: Humbucker ALNICO 490 and 498 (for two, of course ...) Saddle sleeves in three pices C - Mahogany body Sleeves as sensitive as the SG gnral ... connoisseurs understand ;-) UTILIZATION The s…

  • Ibanez 2402

    Ibanez 2402 - stratvinc's review


    Guitar double neck SG Standard made in Japan 2 doubles on the 12 strings on the 6 2 doubles 2 Volumes 2 pots pots tone A pickup selector for each round plus a supplmentaire to cut a stick or other handy to play solo on 6 string without the 12 w…

  • Fernandes FSG 120

    Fernandes FSG 120 - ouizzzer's review


    Made in Japan-year 78/79. -2 Sleeves 20 frets, 4 double coils. -Tune-o-matic. -1 Selector 3 positions: 6 on/12 off, 6 off/12 one, 6 on/12 it. A conventional 3-position selector micro neck / bridge. 2 volume and 2 tone. -Handles very thin (ja …

  • Epiphone G-1275 Custom

    Epiphone G-1275 Custom - Michel L.'s review


    Made Unsung (Korea), identified Custom Shop / Limited Edition. According to reports this guitar is made by a series of 100 copies only reprinted every 10 years, very rare. Mine is the 2007 series. Alpine White, corresponding to the Memphis White Gi…