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Lâg Dreadnought Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Lâg Tramontane T100D

    Lâg Tramontane T100D - " Its crystal-clear, perfect for bright rhythm"


    - Head: Rosewood Indonesia logo inlaid in maple, oil finish lin - Mechanical: Oil bath, black satin buttons with "Tulip" - Nut: Graphite, 43 mm - Truss Rod: Double meaning - Neck: Mahogany Satin finish - Rosewood Indonesia, linseed oil fini…

  • Lâg Tramontane T200D

    Lâg Tramontane T200D - " Good manufacturing and good value for money"


    Acoustic guitar Good condition, good finish UTILIZATION The handle is nice, it has a fairly versatile and can play several attacking style, including a small chattering that I find interesting. The string action is perhaps a little high, but …

  • Lâg Tramontane T66DC

    Lâg Tramontane T66DC - " Excellent introduction"


    Made in China, not bridge crossing. UTILIZATION The satin sleeve end is very nice, a real highway! Access to acute and facilitated by the cutaway. SOUNDS Acoustic Guitar "beginner" entry level, it has largely made me my first guitaristic em…

  • Lâg Tramontane T200D

    Lâg Tramontane T200D - VHSVORE's review


    Concerning the manufacture, I do not know if it is a Chinese or corean. In fact, I ordered the previous model (can not remember the name) & had received one of the first LAG T200 DG (No. 73). No default setting aside default action high. UTILI…

  • Lâg Tramontane T400D

    Lâg Tramontane T400D - " excellent value for money"


    crowing, French gear easy handle button a little high, it hurts the fingers but it sounds clear and precise UTILIZATION it will handle it is light the sound is balanced and accurate SOUNDS good folk I would put 9/10 because obviou…

  • Lâg 4S200D

    Lâg 4S200D - " demend better"


    * Table massive Grocer * Cash nets edges and maple fingerboard and rosewood * Rose inlaid precious wood * Back & Sides: Sapelli * Neck: Mahogany * Adjustment bar handle two-way * Mechanical precision with ivory buttons * LAG Original sculpted …

  • Lâg 4S300D

    Lâg 4S300D - Sweet Dream's review


    While guitar made in china For information visit the website builder Well this topic is not important to me UTILIZATION So firstly, the handle, a real treat, from electric guitar to the hoses dry bothered me ... here is not the case, dirrect …

  • Lâg 4S100D

    Lâg 4S100D - Higher Gain's review


    see above we regret the absence of key landmarks UTILIZATION the handle is quite nice, I do not know much about acoustics, but moving the handle end of an electric one was there, was not difficult, it is quite thin, the action is settled, it d…

  • Lâg 4S200D

    Lâg 4S200D - davidsouslinux's review


    Euuh ... a dreadnought. mine has a table pica (I know, I got it used) the bridge is class, no need to piss off with ankle, you slipped the rope and roll! a strong point: the finish! nets made of wood, gloss "but not stick," not really love i…

  • Lâg 4S300D

    Lâg 4S300D - vince107's review


    - China probably is not prcis ... but considering the price ... I put 5 because of p'tits Chinese children ... UTILIZATION - Channel trs welcoming as usual at Lag I had a 200D before that, I have been spades: '( SOUNDS - I play mostly finger …