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Boogie Monsta 02/10/2006

Sigma DM1 : Boogie Monsta's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It is a dreadnought acoustic guitar made in Korea, Sigma is actually what Martin is qu'Epiphone Gibson (a license).
Pica plywood table (unlike the DM-1ST which is massive), wicker covers back and mahogany, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The mcaniques not clutch, but even when good quality.

It provides the bare minimum, but it does it well.


The handle is really, really comfortable (really). It is just trs, end it right, the grip is perfect ... As for the neck only, this guitar slap some competitors like Martin, Taylor, etc. that are worth 10 times its price! It is perfect for game types most picky, such arpges and gypsy jazz solos. And for the support, it is like butter ... Sweet ... The Prsident, one with a touch of hazelnut ...
I dtest when in the opinion by users exagrent craze. So let me say that I pse my words, and this compliment is MRIT.

on the other hand, 20 frets, and no cutaway ... It makes Access in acute forcment not easy at the top of the handle. Nothing new in this ct.

Good ergonomics, normal weight, the above nothing wrong.


Premire thing is, it may well have a plywood table it sounds. Less than good acoustics, it's true. But more than any other plywood I could hear, and better than the massive low-end too. Even when the projection is surprising, even taking extra light.

It is versatile enough (within a normal dreadnought), and quite a balance, bass are relatively Submitted, mids are prominent and acute glow gently. It has a dry, leaving plenty of room and the rsonance grain of wood (plywood yes but it's even charming).

It gives a ct jazz, gypsy limit. I rgl action fairly low, and the style it works amazingly well for a dreadnought. Ca, I would say is a little more, which makes it specially.

Harmonics are trs Submitted sign of his good rsonance.

The sound is variable also according to trs the strings, so depending on each game, try several brands and several drafts. We go from his attacks with trsmtallique (a I DTEST) a much more soft and round. Mari Deutsche nature of the guitar, gives a sound that I love, near the piano.


Even if the dveloppement of my game is srement for something much more j'apprcie the sound of this guitar now than when I bought it 7 years ago. I think she has aged well. In any case, the handle has not moved a hair. And considering the price of the guitar, I may be as lucky t ... This range is the chance.

Strengths: the handle without hsiter, and a more personal point of view (especially for the use I make SPECIFICATIONS) sound.

Weaknesses: it is trs basic, but it is not a default in itself. His only default is his saddle. Cheap plastic, it will crack under the pressure of the strings. Ridiculous. I put a bone Silet Instead, the problem aargl Aamma amlior and sound.

Well frankly, I love it. Feelings hand, it is specially and it really suits me. In the era I bought it in 1450 I think Franks and TRS c'tait a quality good value for money, especially given its evolution and competition of poor quality (since I told her addition a Natural Acoustic Matrix Fishman, and I use it all yet).

Now there's a good acoustic guitar a little less massive Chres ... The kind Washburn D10 ... Anyway, for me the worst criticism that can be done on guitars Chres not (assuming they work properly) is to sound like everything and anything once, to have no identity sound (see Yamaha ...). This little Sigma, as modest as it is, it has a well. At each show, I love her with his qualities and his default.