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All user reviews for the Washburn D10S

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 9 reviews )
 5 reviews56 %
 4 reviews44 %
Audience: Beginners
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MGR/Uncle SEARS12/19/2007

MGR/Uncle SEARS's review"Washburn D10S"

Washburn D10S
Only been playing for 18 months. Mainly fairly simple stuff from TAB books purchased in music stores. No band....certainly not yet !! Very much admire Beatles, Stones, Clapton...Cream, Creedence, etc....that era. Clapton is safe...doesn't have to worry about me for a while.

Walked into local music store and paid cash..AUD $300. Took the advice of the salesman who was very good and in no doubt that I had never picked a guitar up before. The deal included bag, tutorial CD and tuner...a great deal!! Believe these now cost abt AUD $350.00 in 2007.

Seems to be very well constructed for this price range. It has good volume and when set up correctly offers very good "playability."

Not much. It required another set up abt 8 months after I bought it....the neck required adjustment and the action needed fixing but this was easily acieved by a technician at reasonable cost.

This was made in China (what isn't?) but that certainly doesn't detract from it at all. No glue spots and the overall finish is very good. Tuners appear to be good quality as well. Stays in tune very well if housed in a case. Solid and well presented.

For this sort of money an excellent entry level guitar... although I have seen a guitarist play one in a band at a local hotel so that must also say somethng about it. If it died or left home tomorrow I would buy another.
Good value for money, there would be a lot worse out there.

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MGR/J. Elwood01/29/2005

MGR/J. Elwood's review"Washburn D10SLH"

Washburn D10S
While surfing E-Bay I came across the Zager
Guitar. Read about Denny's new system of modifing his guitars(Martins and Washburns)
to make them easier to play. Always wanted to learn but never took the time to ck it out until that day!!!!!!The price was well
under $400.00, that alone helped me decide
to buy the Zager guitar.

Its a beautiful guitar, solid spruce top,
solid mohagony back and sides. Rosewood frit/bridge. I took it out of its case and
I strummed it for the first time and was so
amazed at the sound,,,,WOW!!! The ease of
holding down the strings compared to my sisters guitar is really a world of difference....I am looking forward to start

The only thing I can come up with is that
they didn't make left handed guitars in all
styles. I am not the least bit unhappy with
mine, won't give it up.

As I have said before its beautifully constructed. I've looked inside of the sound hole and see the bracing on the back
and in back of the sound hole. I wanted to
buy a very good guitar for my first and only one, and I strongly believe I did just

All I can say is you can't go wrong buying
this unit or any other one from Zagar Guitar. Its a family business and you get one on one service. Like right now from Denny himself. I'am just a beginner and had
questions and emailed them and got immediate reponse. They have a full + shipping return policy if not satisfied. What more could you ask for. I know now why
they offer that because once you use the system you won't go back.Thanks again for such FAST and understanding service. J. Elwood, Downers Grove, IL

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MGR/Scott's review"Washburn D10-S"

Washburn D10S
Purchased from my local Sam Ash music store. Paid $199 (they also sell it for the same price at
The local store is a better deal because they helped me pick one with the best spruce grain. They tuned it and checked the action. I looked at Yamaha, Takamine, Olympia and a few others. They all produced good guitars in this price range. The Washburn D10-S had a slightly wider fretboard making it a little easier for my fat fingers. It also had (in my opinion) a richer sound than the others.

Bang for the buck! This guitar sounds great and costs only a few dollar more than most spruce plywood top guitars. The quality of materials and workmanship is suprisingly good. The tuners are good. It has inlay on the back and around the sound hole.
I can't over emphasize how good this guitar sounds. The solid spruce top makes this $199 guitar a steal. I can see why it has been rated the best guitar under $500.

I wish it had a satin finish instead of a glossy finish. Other than that, I can't find anything I don't like.

This is a very good guitar. The quality of materials and construction are better than I expected. The inside of the D10-S is clean, with good wood and no excess glue. The frets are straight and even. The bridge and nut will last for years. The tuners are smooth with no backlash. The finish is free of defects.

There are many $200 guitars on the market. I have no doubt you can find worse ones. I don't think you will find a better one.

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MGR/elliott's review"Washburn D10S"

Washburn D10S
Bought it at a local music chain store, paid $300 with a hard case. Including tax license, dealer prep, a new set of strings, and the optional white sidewalls.

I have small hands, so I love the thin neck and low action. The sound is nice and even, although a little "thin" on the bottom end.

I don't care especially for some of the fit and finish. The inlay pattern on the back isn't even at all, and the grain of the wood on the top is not as tight as I'd like, but hey, it was a cheap guitar!

I had to have new strings put on and have the neck adjusted to eliminate a really bad buzz on the second fret eliminated before I bought it. Other than that, it's played well. Stays in tune pretty well, too.

I was looking for a beginner guitar that would sound nice, look okay, and not break the bank. I narrowed my choice down to the Washburn or an equivalent Dean, and decided on the Washburn ONLY because the Dean didn't have a pick guard. But I've been satisfied overall.

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MGR/Davy  Earl10/10/2002

MGR/Davy Earl's review"Washburn D 10S"

Washburn D10S
I bought this guitar at local music store for about $200

I like almost everything about it.

The strings are a lirrle far away from the frets but you can have that fixed.

This is an exceptional guitar for the price.

it sounds alot better than most cheaper guitars, and feels good. If you like bluegrass or country and can't aford a martin then this is the guitar for you.

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DjCaylus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Folk basis for sound surprising"

Washburn D10S
Guitar made in China - D10S bk - 25th Anniversary. -

- Type Dreadnought
- Spruce
- Mahogany back
- Mahogany Sides
- Bridge Rosewood
- Neck Mahogany
- Rosewood
- Mechanical oil bath to


Next round: I personally am quite a fan of sleeves type "classical / flamenco" or "Gibson" and conversely handle this rather "thin / narrow" is very nice, well led the sound taping, glides well "varnish".

Next box: This is a "Dreadnought" with its large size box and access to acute stretching and flexibility asking ;) Aillant of long arms and long fingers that I have no concern ;) The volume depends ;) And c is the purpose of it, have a good box Raisonnance! Side Weight ... j am a fan of LP so ... weight is minor in the upper middle ;) if I compare it with my "Cashimira classical."

His side: The great surprise of this guitar is its amazing sound! Treble specific "it sparkles" ;) At first I thought his bass a little soft .. but after 3 years it's this side is rounded and I know better ;) "The string was based extra-hard to very good tones least for beginners fingers from a classic ;) lol


Blues guitar rather kind - "of course folk - western" .. I play everything and not complain ;)

I love his sound side acute :) It is very "brilliant" in his sound ...


- I use it for 3 years

- I've owned a "Gianini" and have acquired from a cashimira a Les Paul studio, pacifica "dispossessed in a buddy for 2 years."

- I love the sound ... j is a shame that there was not a loop attached to the base of the handle to the origin.

- Quality / price in my opinion, unbeatable! Massif, mechanical oil bath ... a homogeneous product ;)

- I would do this choice without hesitation!

ps: I tested a humming bird of "Epiphone" lately .. She is gorgeous! Must pass but the setting to not have frets that vibrate left to right ... ;) A great find this brand! ;)

menstru's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn D10S
Made in China
Back & sides mahogany neck
Mechanical Groover

Noted that the pickguard on mine took off pretty quickly (I've never replaced)

The wood of this guitar are very nice and the quality of manufacture and marquetry are remarkable (for the price of course).

Indeed, the varnish makes the final look a bit plastoc, but at least it is robust.


On the handle, I find it rather late for a folk (that's for sure going to be electric guitarist fingers hurt, like any folk actually).

Basic action is not set correctly, I had to adjust the truss rod (little surprising for a guitar factory price first made in China). However, my settings have not changed in over 5 years, guitar matured rather well for me.

For access to acute ... Ben is a dreadnought ... Past the first 13 boxes is finished. After that it should do some contortionist.

The sound is rich in medium and very bright with an imbalance in the bass sometimes annoying. However, remain pragmatic, for the price (200 € at present), the sound is more than correct.


I play a bit of everything and nothing on this guitar (folk, blues, rock, jazz ,...). Arpeggiated she defends well, the harmonics are not too dirty. Cons by its lack of bass is annoying for the big job and some blues chords.

In contrast, quietly or to accompany itches, no worries.


I use it for over 5 years. Contrary to previous opinion, I find it very old (no mechanical problems).

Guitars I've had a bunch in his hands. I bought this guitar to have a really cheap tool to continue to play during a long trip abroad. I tried every folk guitars under 300 € (in Michenaud in Nantes) is finally it caught my attention.

What I like most about this guitar is very simple, value for money. For 200 €, it is a real wood guitar, well built, with a rather beautiful sound correct. I am now off on other models, but the Washburn D10S always drags me in to troubleshoot and I still play regularly with great pleasure even though it has nothing to do with its competitor (60's Martin D35 Rosewood Rio about 30 times expensive), for the price it is an excellent instrument.

I do not know if I would do this choice today because I do not know the new models of other brands in this price range.

jtheb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn D10S
Acoustic Guitar ...
The CHARACTERISTICS are available on the website ..


Channel correct. The key is high rev .. it must be adjusted.
Guitar a little toy plastoche .. But it is OK for the price trs.
on the other hand, Access in acute, it is a real galre! No way to get the 13th fret ACCS APRS!


Guitar beginners .. agreements to scrape at the corner of a fire ..
I bought it for just an acoustic guitar .. (It's always handy)
The sound is good to excellent for a guitar this price.
on the other hand, it is much better dbrouille agreements with open or closed (lack normment low .. 0 .. by low against the highs are bright trs, trs nice)


I have this guitar for 3 years. Good guitar for this price range.
Otherwise Access in acute trs is difficult (or impossible) and there is a distinct lack of bass (at the sound.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn D10S
For more details, visit the Washburn.
Personally, I find it pretty.


The handle is not large, but even when it is big. When I bought it new, I think the key is too high and should go in the luthier's rgler. CHAC is easy to acute until the 15th fret (but that's normal for this type of guitar). Then, it is more difficult. The weight and shape are doing everything correct.
-1.5 Because it would make rgler in a luthier.
-1.5 Due to difficult Access in acute and handle a little too big I think (but it may be also because I'm used to my electric Fender ...)
In short, a good beginners guitar sr .... (What are we expected C $ 150 ...)


I think I rvise of sound ct. One can find a good acoustic guitar sound (clear, bright) when playing the open chords only (eg accompanied autout a campfire). on the other hand, when to use the 6th E string for barre chords or powerchords, the sound is bad trs. In fact, the bass is bad. So prfrez play in Premire strings. When buying and the next few months, while silent correct. on the other hand, APRS 6 months, the guitar shows signs of wear that affect Sonora.
Whether at the mcaniques or a buzz .... I do not know, but it's not the top ...


I bought this guitar only for low-end practice on a sound (which would diffrent my electric) I use it for 8 months. What I like most: I must admit, it's the shape, look and sound brilliant with open chords. What I like least: the sound of the basses, for signs of wear empty After a few months (and I did not even leave my house too, I rarely use!) the mcaniques and the handle. I wanted to get in to a luthier rgler the problem of the button too high, but for a guitar of this price range, was not worth the trouble to invest. (I do not even pay when the adjustments more than the value of the guitar itself) I must admit I not a specialist in n'tais acoustic guitars (I play more guitar electric ), I only tried a few before MODELS acqurir (Yamaha F310 and several other models of unknown brands). I chose the Washburn because of the price (which ignores the nine 120 euros), now 8 months later, I would not buy if c'tait again. In eight months I have improved a lot and now I hear the difference. I RPET, the quality-price ratio is just okay. I would not have paid 200 euros (price on several shops on-line or in music stores).
In short, this is a beginners guitar, and trs well understood in sound (too round rsonance that sounds like a toy, not round trs comfortable, action too high and poorly RULES and the mcaniques not solid)
With more of experience, when buying, I would not have bought. I economy for better quality guitar.
For the price ($ 150 CAN, not a penny more) it is for beginners not trsdveloppe ear. But a year APRS acoustic guitar or even may be less, you realize that the guitar is far from being perfect. I did not know much in acoustic guitar, I could not properly evaluate the ...
My choice is made, j'conomiserai, I sell it around 125 $ CAN and I'll buy a better quality acoustic guitar.