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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 3 reviews38 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Jordi Sanchis-Sanchez10/27/2004

MGR/Jordi Sanchis-Sanchez's review"Taylor Big Baby (with no pick up)"

Taylor Big Baby Taylor
I purchased the BB at West LA Music, in Los Angeles. They had a blow out sale where you bought one guitar and could get another one that didn't exceed the price of the first one. I didn't intend to buy any guitars but couldn't let that opportunity go away.
I needed/wanted an decent acoustic guitar but my budget, considering I didn't plan on buying any guitar, was limited. As I walk to the acoustic guitar showroom and glanced around and as soon as I see a beautiful and "raw-looking" Taylor marked for $538 (with soft gig bag made also by Taylor), I could not believe it. I didn't know Taylor made "low-end", or let's say affordable, models...

As soon as I grabbed it I felt in love with it. As soon as I pick a guitar I always play a G9, it's one of my favourite chords and I know how I like it sounding... and it sounded elegant, bright, and with the right punchiness, although the BB excels in the treble and mid response more than in the bass. Again, I could not believe it that it was $538. I asked a salesman to make sure I was not flipping out or the price was wrong.
I hadn't tried any other guitar for that price with such clarity, awesome balance between lows and highs (considering the price), sustain of notes, and crisp sound.

My two only little concerns, however, are: its sound lacks the well-rounded body that its big brothers have, which has to do mainly with the wood used and the size of the body; but let's keep in mind we are talking about a guitar that does not cost $2500; the action is pretty tight, like in most acoustic guitars, although some are softer than other, but I guess you can customize it to your liking. I use Elixir strings, which I love for their sustain, clarity and longevity (long-lasting), but it is a bit hard to bend.

The Taylor Big Baby is characteristic, and it is obvious from just looking at it, for its fragile look, that comes from the raw or unlacquered finish (close to a beech finish) and the thin sheets of wood that are used for its construction.
Also, it features two screws located at around the 15th fret. I thought they were cool even though they are exposed, and this is just personal opinion, some people don't like them, I just thought it was peculiar and gave the guitar some character. Turth is that they really don't have a negative effect on my playing.
It is true, however, that it is not a very solid instrument. You can see it on the joint between the neck and the body, it's not the best and most strongly supported joint, which actually makes the neck slightly "crack" (you just hear a sound) if you put too much pressure of the neck (in the first frets area).

It's a very light instrument that I use for jamming, but mainly fo practicing and recording. I love to have it close to me for when I need to experience with a new idea.
And its physical attributes... I just think it is a beautiful guitar, simple, raw/mate color, that as a matter of fact I hang above my coach. I just to love to look at it, and definetely to play it.
I have seen it for over $700, and I would still love it had I purchased for that price, but it would hurt a little bit. For the price I bought it, for still being a well made Taylor, I don't think there is a better quality-value guitar out there. Maybe similar models, in the same price range, of TACOMA and ALVAREZ YAIRI could get close or be at its level (my ex-girlfriend had an awesome TACOMA, I can't remember the model, with bigger body but very similar attributes - awesome instrument, and same price range - consider these two brands as options if you are considering to purchase the Taylor BB).
Overall, the Taylor Big Baby is exactly what its name implies: a smaller body guitar with humble material that excels above his competitors (price wise - $550).

NOTE: I rated this guitar with a 5 considering what it features (sound most importantly) and comparing it to what other instruments for that price offer.

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MGR/Craig's review"Taylor Big Baby 15/16 Acoustic"

Taylor Big Baby Taylor
This guitar was my first guitar. My mom got it for me at Georges Music for my birthday (I picked it out). I stumbled upon it because it was made in USA and I desperately wanted something made here. I think I paid about $350 for the unit which came with a gig bag. Don't be fooled either the bag is a nice bag, not like thos crappy Ibanez bags.

I think that this is typical of all Taylors. Its light, balanced, with a low action. The wood is a laminate so it won't crack as easily, and the neck is big enough for full sized hands. In fact, I didn't realize that this guitar was a scaled down dreadnaught until about a month after I got it. The value of this model is just incredible. Even my guitar teacher is jealous.

The only things I can complain about in this guitar is that it came with cheap strings. I have since replaced the strings with USA made Martin phosphor bronze strings and the guitar has never sounded better.

Taylors use a thinner wood in their guitars. Even still Taylor has compensated for this by adding more interior bracing. The thinner construction allows the body of the guitar to help amplify the sound further, and thus making the guitar sound fuller and richer despite its smaller size. The back of the guitar is contoured so it fits nicely against your body. The frets rarely buzz unless you try to make them. The neck is bolt on, so you can put heavy strings on it without breaking the guitar.

This guitar rules. It played as well as the 550 dollar Takamine that I almost bought and its made in USA. This taylor is ready to take on any guitar well into the $700 range. Don't let the small size fool you, this guitar packs a big punch for its size, and an even bigger value. (whew)

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MGR/Jason's review"Taylor Big Bay"

Taylor Big Baby Taylor
I have always wanted to purchase a Taylor, but as a college student going to an already expensive college, I didn't have the money to invest in a nearly $2,000 guitar--as amazing and well worth the investment it would be. I finally got the money to purchase an introductory Taylor of the sorts--the Big Baby--which is the closest thing Taylor makes to a full size guitar, minus the hefty price tage. Including tax and the gig bag, I payed $340 at Guitar Center.

I am very please with my new Taylor. It resonates beautifully and quite magnificently--much more boldly, brighter and louder than my previous guitar, which cost more money and is slightly large. It's no thrills, but that's the price you pay for not paying as much money. Yet, it's still a very aesthetically pleasing guitar. Only real downside is that its brightness can be a bit overbearing. But even still, it's a heck of a lot smoother than any other guitar in the price range.

Only real downside is that its brightness can be a bit overbearing, and it isn't laced with various aesthetic accents other, more expensive Taylors have. But even still, it's a heck of a lot smoother than any other guitar in the price range.

Very light, yet very sturdy construction. Solid sitka spruce top, sapele-laminate sides and back. Full size fret board, 15/16 size body. Light-gauge elixir strings. Chrome finish tuners. Very low action, thus very easy to play.

Beautiful, very bright and smooth. Resonates magnificently, especially considering its slightly smaller size and signficantly lower price.

Only downsides: brightness can be overpowering, and it's no-frills.

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thierry paris 1206/07/2009

thierry paris 12's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor Big Baby Taylor
Made in Mexico and not the usa .........
guitar half sober and massive crate; ultra light.


Guitar ultra light, slightly smaller than standard size dreadnought
Equipped with Elixir strings ......... its not bad for the size but average action (a bit high in my opinion)


In fact after several trials and difficult adjustment cords; I opted for bronzes martin pulling strings 12 54, I give this guitar a semitone lower than the standard for comfort reasons. and the sound is really nice balanced, powerful sound projection. she recalls in sound the "parlor" and the models in 00 of Martin with bass and depth and more, in fact almost a Martin Dreadnought ........
for me the height, weight were major elements. the cover is very nice, well adapted a vintage side, on the "shoulder vs. do not feel the guitar.
I play blues ballads fingers with tabs.
for the price this guitar is really nice


One year of use, setting difficult for otimiser comfort
I had a martin d15 and 0021. I like sobriety, weight, size, sound is really good with a minimum pulling December 1954
excellent value for money ....... I wanted a small guitar that sounds not too expensive ... frankly saw no equivalence, then I must say that I am left handed and therefore limited choice. I almost sell it because I could not find the strings and especially suited playing comfort .., but after making the commitment to grant a semitone below the pitch I kept without problem.
I play with 3 tabs style blues roots style but Dr. Johnson gilmour stills etc. ............ country and even rock a billy with this guitar.

sebasss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor Big Baby Taylor
-The Big Baby is made in America

-It is a dreadnought body, the table is solid spruce, the sides, back
and neck are mahogany, ebony bridge is, as the key benchmarks with mother of pearl. The neck has 14 non-cash boxes. It is screwed to the body through touch, which can play more easily to the treble. (Even if aesthetic is pretty average!) The mechanical oil bath, and it's great !

-The guitar is simple, no frills, but it is attractive, the veneer is very thin and very soft to the touch, and it reveals the grain of wood. This is the guitar "with natural", whatever. but it's very well done.

-A good quality gig bag is sold with the beast, with beautiful embroidery stamped Taylor.


-At the grip, you feel the lightness of the guitar is very nice. The handle is comfortable, not too wide (43mm), the chord height is set correctly, it sounds good everywhere!

-The guitar is not very deep, it is a little skewed because of the lightness of the body, but it does not interfere with the game The back of the guitar is slightly domed, it is well done for roughly one entry level. You can play for hours without fatigue, and that's what I did when I bought it ...

Good, then we arrive at essentially the sound! When taken, one wonders if weight and small size of the fund will not make it sound "guitar cardboard" is scratching ... ... And we take a good slap! Well, the bass are not very deep, it's a little light (normal!), but otherwise, what attack! What presence!


"It is a guitar that sounds great in the midrange and treble, it really reminds some legendary American cousin, or the higher-end models of the same family.

-The sound is really on top when we play in picking, for against, for the game with a pick or beefy rhythms, the sound becomes a little rough, we must temper the heat of the hand that scratches! It is a folk, what!


I use it for 5 years, and it's really a sound quality! This guitar is bluffing.

+ The general
The attack and the presence
The price! (Bought 450 euros)

- The screws of the handle
Low enough rounds (I quibble, there)

it's really nice to see that even at entry level, Taylor does not make fun of people! Good quality! I left and I asked my luthier to get fit, whether it's worth it to pay! The Big Baby is not just a travel guitar, one of these days I'll get into electro!

Delirious's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor Big Baby Taylor
Bne handle.
Table massive.
No dcorations or frills, just a simplicity trs Aesthetics (fund rsonance to derrire is of great beauty lgrement curve, "see "wood).


Channel trs enjoyable play. Game more enjoyable in that arpges pure chords.


The size of this guitar leads to a severe shortage of lightweight, even if the strings give a good offense. As against the species of wood used gives a good sound trs, trs a good rsonance Aiges ropes.


I use it for 6 months
Very practical to accompany them (train, plane ...)
Trs good report quality price
In the end, I recommend it!

patrice.goyaud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor Big Baby Taylor
This guitar, contrary to appearances is a real guitar. MODEL not the "journey" I thought acqurir to replace an Art & Lutherie format "parlor size" dcevante frankly my taste.
Of course, only the table is massive, of course, the fit and finish are not up to standards to which Taylor has habitus.
However, the key is bne of the handle, and guitar, while still basically a DCORE Submitted Aesthetics endearing to me were my pr Ferere for martin power of pictures to CD cover.


L is its strength: a handle tlcaster! a sweetness and a surprising precision. that light up in elixir (which I think is essential for it does not sound "pan"), I feel I put my fingers on the handle as it is flexible.


The bases are frankly excellent for a guitar of this price (especially in the mid rev mat and warm) are the acute plutt average (sustain a bit low)
To get the most, this guitar not be sudden demand especially for the game mdiator: basic agreements are not his cup of tea they must agree prfere of evolution, the pr Frence jous in crosspicking without hopscotch, gently. for the game's finger, it is well dtach prferer notes, however, this guitar really is not ridiculous in open tuning, and its sound is a certain charm


In short, to 450, it is frankly a good deal for those who love the guitar but sober Aesthetics.
Whereas I like a great guitar booster. but ultimately, there are days where I only play on bigbaby, and Martin remains in its holster. says it all!

Kustomer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor Big Baby Taylor
As the name suggests, Big Baby is a version of "shortened" between the standard size of a big concert and 3 / 4. So it is expected to hold a toy that will sound a little dry. Mistake, doctor.

Thanks its sheer size, it actually fits naturally and love in the arms of the player. Her dress is natural and satin varnish so fine as you think absent. It is a delight to the eye and smooth to the touch.

Taylor is the bill, or so almost everything, exudes quality. But since it's a small price, around 450, the rigid tui other models is replaced by a rather nice gig-bag, solid-colored stamp of the brand.

Mahogany body and pica table, rosewood key, the newly purchased MODEL felt a little wood Frache assembled. Since it works smoothly and the sound a little steep at beginners, and is gradually rounded into heat.


The handle consists of 20 boxes esr including 14 non-cash, despite a pitch lgrement infrieur normal. It's happiness under the fingers. was not moving and the height of my rope got is perfect. You can play it for hours without tiring, as sometimes happens on MODELS dreadnought.
The truss-rod of rglage is located from a Lumire indoor prs edge of the rosette.

Ct sound, acoutique is quite surprising. Although sr has no plans to break windows, but in a purely acoustic set will not be drowned or certainly not ridiculous. For my part, I brought up a simple static pickup and lctro, has worked well even without rsultats qualisation.

Question spectral balance, I see that can compete with Big Baby in this price range, of course.


APRS trying several sets of strings DIFFERENT, this guitar has stopped my choice on a set Elixir 10/47. Normally I go harder on acoustic, because I like her a frank and prcis (and routinely).
But here, it's useless. Go beyond will bring nothing better in the sounds and the game will be less boards. Also the game Elixir with its corrosion resistant layer provides a smooth, which softens the first months of this young guitar.

We can play with almost any instrument. However, the game only agreements may dplaire use. His field of play Relva plutt dtach or folk accents.


Overall, this guitar is sold for a guitar study. Duly noted. Well, for once it really the right word, and must be taken in its best sense.

Lgre, well made, robust and versatile guitar is THE advise beginners motivated to report qualitprix ease of play and Indeed I know many teachers who pr conisent and is one of them that I did it despite my discovering prjugs Reduces idiots on this format.

Even if I possde others, it is a choice I would do without hsiter and I continue to advise, not just for beginners ...