Martin & Co D-35

D-35, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the Standard series.

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All user reviews for the Martin & Co D-35

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nickname009's review

Martin & Co D-35
MODEL Martin D-35
CONSTRUCTION: Mahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint
BODY SIZE: D-14 Fret
TOP: Solid Sitka Spruce
ROSETTE: Style 28
TOP BRACES: Solid Sitka Spruce 1/4''
BACK MATERIAL: Solid East Indian Rosewood - 3 piece
SIDE MATERIAL: Solid East Indian Rosewood
ENDPIECE: White Boltaron
ENDPIECE INLAY: Black/White Boltaron
BINDING: White Boltaron
TOP INLAY STYLE: Multiple Black/White Boltaron
SIDE INLAY: Multiple Black/White Boltaron
BACK INLAY: Black/White Boltaron
NECK MATERIAL: Select Hardwood
NECK SHAPE: Low Profile
HEADSTOCK: Solid/Square Taper
HEADPLATE: Solid East Indian Rosewood /Raised Gold Foil
HEELCAP: White Boltaron with Multiple Black/White Boltaron Inlay
FINISH BACK & SIDES: Polished Gloss
FINISH TOP: Polished Gloss ; Sunburst available at additional cost.
BRIDGE MATERIAL: Solid Black Ebony
SADDLE: 16'' Radius/Compensated/Bone
TUNING MACHINES: Chrome Enclosed w/ Large Buttons

The legendary, old brother..or maybe cousin to the D28?? Not quite sure but they are both legendary and offer very different tones even though on paper they are very similar.


It's just your basic acoustic guitar, so there's nothing to it in terms of ergonomic designs or access to the upper frets etc. Just wood and wire!


Here's where it becomes worth the money. Most guitar players in the market for a good acoustic, when they look through the Martins it's almost always a battle between the 28 and 35 and there is a huge tonal difference. Most people say it's because of the 3 piece back and I can say yes that has something to do with it but the biggest difference is the bracing, it's a thinner piece of bracing used on the 35s vs the 28s that allow such a huge bottom and low midrange from the 35 that 28 lovers may not like so much.

This is what makes or breaks it. Totally up to you of course and which sound you like better. The 35 definitely has a bigger sound for those powerful chords and whatnot. Of course, I would probably replace the strings first with a decent set. I very much dislike the martin lifespan strings and would rather settle with plain jane Daddarios that have been just fine for me for a very long time.


HUGE sound. Legendary guitar. Awesome build, ALWAYS consistent from model to model and lifetime warranty with Martin. Can't really complain can ya? If you're looking for an acoustic guitar that'll probably last longer than your own lifetime, with a great huge warm and BIG low midrange, this is definitely worth looking into. Yes it's a bit pricey but once you play it, you'll understand that it's worth every penny.

MGR/mcrider's review"Martin D35"

Martin & Co D-35
Nazareth Music Center

This is a truly full sounding guitar. Very strong bass but not boomy like some Tacomas I have played. Nice to look at and I really like the thin neck compared to some of my less expensive guitars. Notice I said thin not narrow. For example, my Washburn neck is thick and V shaped. It took some getting used to after many years of cheap guitars with necks like the Washburn. Now I love it and going back is hard.

Action was a bit high for my taste. I took it to my local shop and they did a great job to lower it. This was the shop that informed me about the neck, read below.

Guitar looks nice, great finish but it had a bad neck set and needed to go back to the factory for reset. Only a few months old. Not what I expected.

Nice guitar but I think Martin is cranking out instruments in too large a quantity for quality workmanship. Maybe that is not true with the higher priced units. A neck reset on a vitually new guitar shouldn't happen. I just purchased a lower end Breedlove to replace some of my cheap guitars. I was originally thinking about a Martin D16 but had a bad time with Maritn customer service involving my D35.

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MGR/Rich's review"Martin D-35"

Martin & Co D-35
Bought from a (good) friend for $500 altho it needed some work.

Once I added a few hundred dollars to enhance the bracing, bridge plate, add inlay, and other minor enhancements, it plays like no other guitar I've ever owned. Deep, rich tone, and after adding a Sunrise pick-up, the quality of this guitars tone amplifies quite nicely. I've since played new D-35's, which are also very fine instruments, but I would talk to a qualified guitar craftsman to enhance the beauty and sound.

There are no dislikes. I recommend the D-35 to any advanced guitarist.

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MGR/Emory's review"Martin D 35"

Martin & Co D-35
I purchasted this on the internet at Musicians for $1625.95
It was a worry to shop on the net as I was a little new to shopping via computer .
It was a pleasent experience and my guitar was here in a week , no problems at all
I have seen lower prices since . I guess I should have shopped around more .

This is a great sounding guitar , Each string sounds clean and clear allmost bell like
The Martin D35 has a interesting three piece back with the center section a darker
color rosewood . The finish on mine is perfect with great piece of spruce for the top .
I had heard this model might have a strong bass and indeed it does . It is a nice
effect for finger picking . This is the first guitar I have owned that did not come out
of a pawn shop or the used rack in the music store and it seems to sound better
every day . This martin guitar comes with a lifetime warrenty and a good hard shell
case which are something I appreaciate . I like the new Martin guitar smell of thing
too .

There is not a lot to dislike about it BUT the strings are higher than my inexpensive
Fender La Brea . and it is a little harder to play . ON the three piece back ,
the center sections wood runs even to one side and meets the other at a angle .
It would have looked nicer if the grain ran centered evenly up the middle

The construction is first rate and I have noticed no flaws . It has a great finish with
a lot of depth to it . I feel it was a good purchase and would buy another Martin
guitar .

The D35 I own has a good sound , it is the best sounding guitar of the three I have
but it is by far the most expensive . It is harder to play than my Fender or Gibson
with the Fender having the fastest action and duller sound . The Martin is a great guitar
and it should be . It cost ten times what I payed for the used Fender La Brea which
by the way is also a good looking guitar .

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Martin D-35"

Martin & Co D-35
I bought this guitar brand new in 1970 for $350, which also included the case.

When I purchased it, Martin was just running out of their stock of Brazilian rosewood, (because of the fire) so mine is unique in that the back center panel and sides were made of the Brazilian and the other 2 back panels are Indian rosewood.

The only thing I don't like about my D35 is that I wish at the time I purchased a D45 for a couple of hundred dollars more. I find that I'm partial to all the abalone and fancies.

My guitar was constructed with the same excellent craftsmanship that all Martin's have.

The only work I've done to my Martin was to hand sand the top braces to a scallop for more tone and power. To accomplish this I used my 1940 Martin 0018's braces as a sort of pattern.

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devpc5's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bluffing"

Martin & Co D-35
Top: Solid Sitka Spruce
Back: Solid Rosewood East
Sides: Solid Rosewood East
Dams: Standard'' X''
Neck: Mahogany (painted satin)
Frets: 20 Type Small (14 non-cash)
Fingerboard: Ebony massive (it seems?)
Bridge: Ebony massive

The finish is very good, white binding and rosewood back three parts super

Delivered in case Martin 640


Handle low profile satin nice
The top of the handle is not larger but Ok
The frets are rather thin and snug
Access to acute is correct for this type of guitar
On delivery the game is a little high, he had to adjust the bridge saddle (compensated, bone) and slightly adjust the neck with the truss rod, now it's nickel


Great sound despite his youth, I compare my Epiphone (Dreadnought Kalamazoo) 72 which sounds like hell ...
It is even more powerful with deep, well-rounded bass, accurate mids and crystal-clear highs, and what sustain!
Pleasant picking, powerful with a pick.
It can play almost any ...


Too short to make an objective judgment.
24 hours of pure happiness, 24 years I expected ...
I had and still have a lot of guitars, good some not so good ...
In the same price range I recently tried Taylor of Gibson (1 very good Songwriter), the Takamine, etc.. ... but I'm back on Martin and especially this bluffing D35 (new at the price of D18)

zloti's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" trick phew !!!"

Martin & Co D-35
with this guitar, I'm Neil Young!


a real guitar, not a crossbow!


a harp ...


may be the only thing I would take on a deserted island!

danielsansespace's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It plays all alone"

Martin & Co D-35
Channel low profile satin and white binding.
3parties rosewood back the most beautiful effect


The handle is very nice. Not very different from the round of the 28p I had tried the day before in another store.
The varnish of the table is very soft, I was surprised at the contact after a few hours of play, it does not slip, do not sweat it.
The sound had not jumped to the ears on the first try, I did not attack enough strings. Then I attacked like a deaf man and took a slap. Phenomenal proportions between bass and treble pearls. Tried facing the HD28, the other seemed too flat, but certainly richer in mediums. I read that the guitar singers. There is certainly a place to take a voice in its media, we will form the coup may be the perfect couple and I do not want to let go of the past 3 days ...


I allow myself a freer play, as it sounds, I feel for allowing me to more things, it plays almost alone ...
His bass can get in serious tones.
It gives a capo in his round and warm.
Compared to my Washburn dreadnought laminate, forcing the gap is large, the sound rolls, rolls, runs, envelope, there is sustain, as well as high volume low.
Agree or finger picking, the foot. As I play little mediator, I feel it allows me to find a good balance between projection and depth. With the attack of a mediator, it starts to get really noisy ...


She is beautiful, but simple, deep class, not bling bling. The white binding, back in 3 parts, its bass is said to be the lowest of the range because of its Martin Dam the thinnest of all Martin, all this makes me crack and furious desire to give back ...

At the moment I'm in love and look forward to see how we go forward together ...

rafi74's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co D-35
Look below for the characteristic


This guitar has a handle super nice, access to treble is fairly easy, the guitar are quite large (at least we agree to play lol) the weight is average, it is not too light but not super heavy non Also, the sound is at once great, very quickly we get a good sound


It is suitable for all styles of music (for my part, I play pop-rock)
I love all sonoritées of this guitar.


I use this guitar for a year, a great guitar, I have been my advice to all the guitarist (expensive for someone starting!)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co D-35
The characteristic is already been given


Rather fine-handle, very very nice
-Access to treble is fairly easy
-The guitar is light enough maybe a little big, but very annoying pa
-Is obtained very easily sound good


It is versatile
It sounds great anywhere on the handle


I use depui 1year is very very beautiful and sounds better than good! I advice !!!!!!