Yamaha FG700S
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ericthegreat 11/01/2011

Yamaha FG700S : ericthegreat's user review

« Best 200 i have spent »

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The Yamaha FG-700 S was the one of the first guitar I ever owned, and I've had it for a long time now. The quality of sound that you get from this guitar is way beyond what you pay for. The action on this guitar is good, and it doesn't come out of tune very easily. Before I got this guitar, I played on my sister's Marshall (which was similarly priced), and I can honestly say that this guitar is at least 10 times nicer. A friend of mine, who's been playing guitar for years and owns an expensive Alvarez model, borrowed my Yamaha for a couple weeks, and told me that it was really fun to play on. The only thing I can see wring with the model is that it has no internal pickups. This isn't a problem unless you're going to be playing it live. Other than that, It's a total gem. I think I'll be hanging onto mine for years to come


This guitar is very good for beginners. More to play with as you gain experience, but overall this guitar is well worth it. Replace the strings to some Elixers and this thing sounds amazing. Sounds naturally warm yet different strings improve the tone. The gold tuners are really smooth too.


The tone is full, balanced, and the instrument carries good volume. The tobacco sunburst is beautiful.


My wife was convinced I had dropped some serious cash for her, when in fact it was one of the most inexpensive guitars in the shop. This guitar is a great bargain! I still use this guitar daily. I recommend it to anyone that is going to spend less than $300 on an acoustic guitar. This is one of the most comfortable guitars to play for the buck. Great action. I highly recommend this guitar especially to beginners on a tight budget.