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Evans Drum Heads user reviews

  • Evans EQ4 batter clear 22"

    Evans EQ4 batter clear 22" - "Evans EQ4 Batter"


    I'm a drummer. I'm originally from Brazil. I play in a band called Glint. One of the big characteristics of my drum set sound, it's a violent low, deep, explosive sound. The Evans EQ4 Kick Drum Batter is part of my recipe to get a super defined atta…

  • Evans Genera Resonant

    Evans Genera Resonant - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by poupaja/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Single ply 0.4" resonant drumhead. Brilliance and sound projection.…

  • Evans EC2 edge control

    Evans EC2 edge control - FateFelledVictim's review


    The Evans EC2 sound ring batter heads are an amazing way to step up your tom drums tone. I use them on all of my toms, a 10”,12”,14” and 16”, and these bring life out of every one of them. They are not as pricey as the Genera 2’s, but I like those ju…

  • Evans Hydraulic

    Evans Hydraulic - BGugino's review


    Now even though I have never owned any of the Evens Hydraulic heads, I still feel obligated to write a review on them! After my good friends drum heads got worn down, decided to lean towards the Evens Hydraulic heads. He got them on his 12, 14 and 16…

  • Evans Genera Dry Coated 14"

    Evans Genera Dry Coated 14" - Drummerguy's review


    This is yet another great invention from the Evans company. This is basically one of their normal snare drum heads with an interior muffling ring around the outside interior edge and several pin prick size holes around the exterior of the head which…

  • Evans GENERA HD Dry Coated

    Evans GENERA HD Dry Coated - "Evans Genera HD Dry"


    I acquired this head for free from a friend who didn't like it, but I'd imagine it would retail for around $12-14 I usually have a coated G1 on my snare, and it's definitely a head to swear by. But I was genuinely impressed when I slapped this head …

Translated user reviews
  • Evans G2 Set

    Evans G2 Set - " the worst model I've never played"


    Carefully before created any controversy I speak of model 360 that came out at that time by the brand and reputation as extraordinary in fact it goes out of tune faster than g2 skin (normal) At the time I bought them, I had two models at the sa…

  • Evans G2 Set

    Evans G2 Set - " Top Notch"


    I use them for just this year. The choice of these skins were justified by the use of its skin by my "mentor" George Kollias. Results: simply monstrous! A clicking sound with tight chest, or a thud and deep with a voltage more "loose". The sound is w…

  • Evans Genera Dry Coated 14"

    Evans Genera Dry Coated 14" - " Must!"


    It's been 15 years that I use and it is not about to change. I advise drummers who will register. It's so quiet harmonics that you will become the best friend of the sound engineer. And it will prevent him putting gates sick that cut ghost notes. …

  • Evans G2 Set

    Evans G2 Set - " After a good setting excellent."


    I play on a Tama Superstar. I wanted to change the skins home and asked my teacher (a career in jazz), what I had to be skins. He advised me G2 coated on toms, which had its drumkit. It was a very good advice, despite the difficult adjustment for …