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  • [NAMM] [VIDEO] MFB Tanzmaus & Tanzbär Lite
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    [NAMM] [VIDEO] MFB Tanzmaus & Tanzbär Lite

    01/22/16 in M.F.B. Tanzbär Lite

    MFB demonstrate the Tanzmaus and Tanzbär Lite drum machines at the NAMM.

  • The MFB Tanzbär drum machine is out

    The MFB Tanzbär drum machine is out

    07/08/13 in M.F.B. Tanzbär

    Berlin-based MFB announces the availability of Tanzbär, a drum synth introduced in April at Musikmesse.

  • [Musikmesse] MFB Tanzbär introduced

    [Musikmesse] MFB Tanzbär introduced

    04/08/13 in M.F.B. Tanzbär

    Along with Dominion 1, Berlin-based MFB will bring to Musikmesse the new Tanzbär analogue drum machine and step sequencer.

  • M.F.B. Schlagzwerg

    M.F.B. Schlagzwerg

    05/18/09 in M.F.B. Schlagzwerg

    Schlagzwerg is designed to combine "the power of analogue drum and percussion sounds with modular versatility in a convenient and compact desktop unit."