DW Drums Workshop Series Drums
DW Drums Workshop Series Drums

Workshop Series Drums, Drum Set from DW Drums.

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ericthegreat 09/21/2011

DW Drums Workshop Series Drums : ericthegreat's user review


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The DW Workshop series Drums are great. Before making such an investment, I took Pearl (MMX & reference), TAMA (Starclassic Mapple), YAMAHA (Maple Custom) but none given me much pleasure and sensation of sound. Only DW detour me of the beautiful German but the difference in 1000 for the same configuration gave me back the reason.

The barrel is cut in the direction of the wood as if it were part of a trunk. It is light. I find his "elegant" and my fellow musicians found it "clean". It argues, that is, it's not just an impact pressure with and without color. I get a great boom on volumes, even on 12. I chose a cc of 4.25 which cuts the bass drum sound to perfection. The offense can play any course.
8 years of loyal services. The drums are great. I purchase there were no accessories, I bought this model the honey colored wood grain visible. I find it pretty slamming, pearl, and fell in love with its impressive bass drum (the skins there are many, it is true).
I tried other Japanese models, but, to my taste all ring more or less the same. If it all over again I would not hesitate too long before buying it. I am very happy. (See picture on my profile).

You can also get the Custom Absolute kit in other materials, or even mix and match different woods if you want. I'm not a drummer, but I've recorded enough drum sets to know which sound good and which don't, and this one certainly sounds great! It's definitely a professional's drum set, so I'd only consider it if you're recording and/or gigging a lot and have a good amount of money to drop on a top of the line kit. The overall sound of these drums is deep and full, with the snare being punchy and bright. You can get different sized toms I'm sure, but the rack toms that he had were 10" and 12" I believe.