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Ludwig Drums Epic Series
Ludwig Drums Epic Series

Drum Set from Ludwig Drums belonging to the Epic series.

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sanjuro sanjuro
Publié le 11/28/09 à 21:29
I had only ever played vintage Ludwig kits and the Accent when I came across the Epic Series.  I was immensely impressed by the appearance at first glance.  I usually don't get this reaction, but the faded shells went very well with the hardware.  I couldn't wait to get a chance to test the waters.  I was also curious to give it a shot because the shells were an interesting fusion of maple and birch.  I love these woods, but wasn't sure how well the arrangement of ply would work.

I have to say, I was very pleased with the music I could produce.  The snare was great.  Well balanced and sounding good at all dynamics, this was the highlight.  The toms also sounded great, totally exhibiting the projection of birch wood.  The bass drum was solid as well, though it was a custom kit and the size was smaller than the usual issue.  I played this in a studio and they took very good care of it.  It is difficult to judge a drum kit having never messed with it over a long period of time.  I know they kept it tuned up well and changed the heads.  Despite this, I am positive that the sound of this kit was amazing regardless.

The hardware was solid, and had a very unique appearance.  There were god numbers of lugs, and the tom rack was logically designed.  I never got a chance to play the bass drum pedal or cymbal stands that are stock because these were swapped out. 

I have actually heard some bad things about the Epic Series, such as too high of a price for its quality.  While I never owned this kit, it can compete or surpass many other lines in the same range.  I would suggest this to someone looking to upgrade to a mid range setup for a reasonable price.  Also, if you like the sound of maple but desire more birch like projection, this may be a good choice.