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  • Neumann KM 100

    Neumann KM 100 - "Great Room, Space Mics"


    This is not an electret microphone, as it is categorized on this website. It is in fact a small diaphragm condenser mic designed by Neumann. It is a small, tiny microphone that is great for picking up faint sounds and ambiance. I only have experience…

  • Neumann U77

    Neumann U77 - moosers's review


    The Neumann U77 is a vintage electret microphone that is made for use in the recording studio.  Never bring this outside the recording as it is a vintage and delicate microphone that needs to be treated with care at all times.  The mic comes with a p…

Translated user reviews
  • Neumann U77

    Neumann U77 - gpiccolini's review


    Hello, I'm interested in the microphone, but I'm from Spain. Will you ship here?. That in case: what's the condition of the mic?. My email is gpiccolini @ hotmail. kind regards Guillermo OVERALL OPINION <ul>…