Boss GT-Pro
Boss GT-Pro

GT-Pro, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

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All user reviews for the Boss GT-Pro

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 7 reviews88 %
 1 user review13 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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carranen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" this is crap rack!"

Boss GT-Pro
MultiFX Boss pedals and simultaneous amp / cab COSM. FULLY DIGITAL rackmount model of the middle 2000s. On paper, hyper-attractive! Extensive routing possibilities including with other external effects.


very easy to use! Comes with a dedicated software more ...


THE-TEST-AS-TUE: go inside your guitar signal bypasses ALL EFFECTS!
And then you will understand why my bill and I sold it immediately after purchase ...


The've sold shortly after purchase (3 weeks) for its poor sound quality! The test of "all bypassed" I practiced with my digital FX, and the series of COSM Roland / Boss, only VG88 escaped not too bad (not tried vg99)!
Too bad, because theoretically it should have been a fabulous machine (now largely supplanted by Fractal Audio).
The price??? NEW bought in 200? almost ARGUS current price?!
So if you see one thrown in a dumpster, leave it there!

Filsto's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect"

Boss GT-Pro
Plthoriques effects available and configurable on an interface very intuitive and ergonomic. Tutorial in IMMEDIATE fun, progressive deepening of settings and configurations in the fun.

Note that I did not install the configuration software on the computer, I prefer to do everything by hand on Pramper itself because I use it through a sound card dedicates computer music (not direct usb plug).


Equally, I like things simple on the surface.


used with
. Fender Stratocaster
. a Gibson SG Standard
. an electro-acoustic Takamine

very good rendering of slaps on electro harmonics very fine, sustain perfectly rendered. effects are as desired. The modlations of prampli / Marshall amp and Twin (Fender) are breathtaking, I hang less on pre-rglages "mtal" (I prefer the remake I same).


Since one month, fully satisfied and as I esprais.

what I love most: sound, simplicity of management, the number of sounds and effects available modlisables

I like the least: for now nothing, but there is still so much to explore it.

toons1171's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-Pro
For a list of effects see below.


Simple configuration: BOSS
Publisher excellent PC, but I try to do without because by repeating or concert I have no PC.
From a GT3 to GT pro programming is really simple, it's the BOSS.
Editing sounds not so simple when you have not used the multi-purpose.
Manuel recovered on the net.


The effects are very well made, there are even too much, and I want to use a yendance at all, which is impossible.

I use the GT pro with a Vigier Excalibur mounted 89/SA/81 EMG, a power amp and a Marshall Valvestate 120/120 cabinet 2x12 "CELESTION homemade mounted.

since I'm changing maguitare with Graphtech piezo and a simulation JC 120, I have a huge sound.

Whether the distos are clear or is perfect for my use. BOSS is the one like it or not


I use it for a year.

At the time of purchase, I hesitated between GT8 and GT pro.
I have selected from its connector and PC Editor.
BREST of difficult to try another multi, I enjoy training in Paris for a tour of the mag and I have tried the ZOOM G9 2t (at all), WG 6, WG 8, LINE 6 (I do not like them against their distortion by clean sounds are very good) POD 2 - XT Pro - Pro X3 and DIGITECH RP 20 valve (very good but too difficult to program).

The value is more than perfect view of the number of effect and preamp.

I would do this chosen without hesitation.

slopy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-Pro
See below


I spend the boss gt-8-pro gt no difficulty as it is the same thing except in rack version with a little more connection!

the manual is really screwed up!

and soft gt-pro simple and complete editor!


I use the gt-pro with the 4 cable method in an orange rockerverb100
I use mainly the delay / chorus / flanger / reverb / EQ in the loop of orange
and wha upstream of orange

one default function whammy is so-so ...

I also use the simulator if acoustic guitar and it really giant!


I use it for some months he found a place in my home made rack without worry!

I test the pod / Vox ToneLab / G and zoom boss is doing for me hands down!

The value for money and correct (especially since I got a 350 euro nine ... hehe)

yes I do it again this choice without hesitate

Kimo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-Pro
See above


I was in total over the music doc in French and ac cool.
The configuration is not too complicated and I'm doing well. The edition of such patches with the doc.
The manual is complete.


- The effects are quite effective and the rendering is really not bad! It practitioner.
"I use the GT Pro with ESP V-301 and saturation level (counting on pramp) is what is best in my opinion numrique.
We recognize overruns Boss, they have the characters and the expressiveness may be a little lack of depth but a demand for labor ... Some factory presets let DSIR while others stand out (it's really con we can not erase them to do the best!


- One week of use
- The +: connectivity, custom settings for the edition of the sounds, the multitude of effects, the quality of pramp, the software that came with the chains of effects. ..
- The -: the factory presets can not transfer (with damage), a lightweight lack of depth in the saturation (c normal but hey there's no lights!)
-I tried the Rocktron Prophesy which is above saturation level! But you get over 2000 euros! And then the Rocktron is complicated paramtrer SUPRA!
-If I had more I would have taken better tunes of course. But I am gnral trs happy because I really feel like my Line 6 dbarasser missing a lot of things.

Frankly this is a good compromise GT Pro and that's an economic solution that combines ergonomics, quality sound and multiple audio configurations. It's really a good product. A counselor.
EDIT 22/02/07: I now have my GT Pro coupled my power amp on my 840/50 Poweramp ENGL 2x12 cabinet mount in HP ClestionV30: the sound is terrible. The couple getting married trs well. My big saturations have expanded and also more precision.

guitarwild's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-Pro
Y'as not to say the effects are the qualities, so good, it sounds, I use it with an Ibanez JS100 Ibanez S540FMTK and the connections are many, with small flat against (it just be me) I could not find a way to select the output to the amplifier output and enabled at the same time the Sub output, for example, live out on the amp and Sub outputs activated to a mixing desk for sound to the front, and recording, I used mainly in home studio, and I found it convenient to have a listen on the chaining amp / speaker and other outlets connected to the GT PRO on the entry of a table for registration, I have the doc in french nothing indicates that we can route the output at the same time, another huge problem, my GT PRO is 2 meters from my two desktop PCs, and the big prob, WG PRO is full of background noise, simply turn off the screen so that it stops is when same boat, or it takes LCD monvieux RP10 did not this problem, it's really a shame because super material, the edition is sound alone, I think I could do without the doc, the factory's are a bit light, you really have to edit the sound barrier, my note am mindful of the breath especially in the presence of PC monitor


Config simple, mentioned above
edition instinctive if you have already edited the sound on similar product (multi effect pedalboard or rack)
Manual clear, but too many references to other chapters


The effects are hyper realistic, not a chip or "plastic"


I use it for 2 months, what has motivated my purchase was the multiple connections possible, but see above, I is not found a way to connect the output to the output amplifier and no SUB same time, it ' True, it's expensive, I paid 670 euros, loyal customer requires a good mag, I would do this choice, I wait to test it live, as I replayed on stage soon, I have no doubt I edited sounds really punchy, realistic, dynamic, for it is against preferably have a chaining top gear, for my part, GT PRO / 120 PRO Marshall "transistor I prefer" / Mesa Boogie Rectifier cabinet

Karisaric's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-Pro
All the effects that the guitar needs are, even too sure!
This rack is simply a jewelry both in terms of sound it offers its use.
The amp simulation is an ism that is RVer
Both output power and offers proffondeur sounds, I will not say no more!
It's been a month now that I hack it and I quickly found trs sound, whatever the type.
I tested by connecting the output of a Stereo sound MAIN OUTPUT and OUTPUT SUB output on my amp JCM800 LEAD is simply great, the effect of proffondeur and clarity of sound houfff, I never heard m'tais play as well!! :-)
The qualisation of these outings RULES indpendement and it's powerful.
I was amused that I reproduce the sound on my amp on a scratching sound, go take a small 5 minutes Settings, and in the ass! Looking for a JCM800 used? !
I continue my tests and I will give you more dtails ultrieurement.
Hsitez if you buy it, tell you that for what it does, its price is low!
I urge you to use the FC200;
@ More


Re not saying


Re not saying


Re not saying

courjeault's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-Pro
XLR outputs, three loops denvois / Returns deffets and taken to several functions of play
Two dampli COSM processors for use both channels.
Possibility dalterner dampli between the two channels, use simultanment components or change the pan in real time. Dynamic mode for switching based on the input signal level.
Dusina 200 patches, 200 user memory, 44 catgories deffets, 15 blocks deffets simultanment available.
Setting Free the string deffets.
SOLO switch section dampli COSM to boost solos.
AMP CONTROL to select channels else on your guitar amp.


Simple configuration (like a GX700), edition sounds simple is the manual trs clear.
more GT-Pro software EDITOR simplifies everything.


I use a washburn dime JCM2OOO and an amp.
I love everything! trs effective multi trsraliste by for the simulation.
nothing has forgotten the clean fender, mtal big game, and of course the boss is even good effects as other MXR distortion, big muff, etc. .....


I use it for two weeks, and everything goes from greasy to clean mtal very tender all is good. I play mostly mtal PFFFFFFFFFF trs trs is the big sound for any style, a hendrix slipknot everything goes.
I just regret not having to buy more tt.