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All user reviews for the Boss ME-25

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 7 reviews )
 4 reviews57 %
 1 user review14 %
 2 reviews29 %
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Kallpowarx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good pedal to start"

Boss ME-25
On the ME25, a library of 60 sounds already registered is integrated with 60 other sounds more "classic". All sounds are editable. The pedal can be connected to a PC / MAC. I use ME Librarian to transfer sounds from my computer (Windows 8) to my pedal.


Editing sounds is quite simple, you just need a knowledge of the buttons on the pedal.


The effects are effective for you to adapt when making adjustments. I use a small 15W amp I therefore intend to change the realism of sounds ... But have used in concert, it sounds pretty good.


I use it for a little over a year now and I do not have to complain. I sought advice from my teacher of guitar and to start with affordable multi effects pedal, it is really great! The price / quality ratio is (very) good. I do not regret having bought.

Statcho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" This is the digital ..."

Boss ME-25
Boss ME 25 is known for characterisic see many cards and video.
It has everything you need. The USB Audio reliable, the Aux input is useful, headphone, stereo and mono output. Can run on battery or AC (transformer not included, of course).

It may lack a direct XLR output.


Usage is very simple. You get lost a little at first but quickly takes in hand and a little out quickly clean sound. THE out about its expected is another story.
It is important to remember each time what effect was used here and what value was taken there ... except for tweaking it is very complicated.

The big defect (ie staff) is that the knobs do not turn to infinity. If you change the drive by keeping background and want to finally increased Param A compressor that was worse in a low, barely on the knob will move the compressor will start to bottom.

This parameter is adjustable anyway. But endless knobs is better.


The are are more realistic. But they are pretty darn deaf and it is very complicated to make a real sound slap an acute makes you bleed ear.
By adding this COSM effect "sourdeur" is reinforced as I expected that my sound becomes serious.

Of the 60 pre-programmed memories there are many that I find quite rotten. Sounds poorly defined end accounts. They take a lot of space in the mix and ultimately did not play the role of the guitar nor the bass ...
This is especially true for large stuffed fuzz Satus and which fall within the big amps.

In contrast are clear are pretty good although they lack even slamming well compressed (the compressor is average I think)

Once working, you can find a sound that suits us quite easily. But still a compromise.

I have friends who were conquered in 200%!

Notice that remains personal.


Overall, the pedal is very well finished, it is robust and connectors are good.
The loop is nice, it takes a little time to find the "trick" to be well off the pace. The freeze is funny. Some say they use live, I personally would not do me served.
It's still a complete super pedal combined with a good amp can really be great.

If like me you play in acoustic pouries and want squeezer your amp and use the simulation, remember! Even with the COSM is not great. It is better to just go with a good head, it is more efficient or outright disconnect the HP (if possible) and bring the table out of the output preamp combo or even the power output through a loadbox (which reduces the signal sent) if you love the amp.

Anyway, in my case, the Boss ME 25 is not the solution. Its too dark, and not always convincing simulation.

stratouilleur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Lethal Weapon??"

Boss ME-25
There is almost everything you could wish for.
Hard to imagine more complete.


Trs easy to use.
Yes, trs really simple.


Premire use with Fender Start and Fender Blues Junior (my two "tools" the most utiliss)
Trsdu by the sounds tufts without dynamic ... up that I realized that all presets took into account a modulation amplifier.
The argument by removing "pre-amp" ... Yes! The sound of the stratum and the magic of BJ have found ... and it is a rgal.
This multi-effect guitar is perfect possdant a guitar and an amp which sound suits him perfectly, for which he wishes to add a range of effects, without dnaturer the basic sound.
So amp lamp + Me-25 with modlisation: I do not AIM at all.
on the other hand amp lamp + Me-25 without modlisation: that's exactly what I wanted, namely, the right of BJ's and a range of quality effects.


I just bought it and just test a few hours.
(Besides, I would add other lments and as far as I matriserais this tool.)
I had a lot of multi-effects (Vox ToneLab, Blak Box, Korg G3, Boss ME-20 ...)
I also have a PDAL-board with individual pedals and I wanted for my dplacements to a multi dallger and simplify my little priples music.
To date, nothing could be comparable my pedals.
But Me-25 ... Ergonomics is a fabulous and a quality that leaves me speechless. Plus an extraordinary price.
I am tempted to call it the "Lethal Weapon" because in addition to its core multi-effects, looper, tap tempo and the booster are most remarkable.
In short, I not everywhere ... 9 but that's because perfection is not of this world ... if not ...

gregzerozero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good and less good"

Boss ME-25
Multi effect pedal, editable via PC connection complete, all-metal ....


The Usage requirements are very simple, sound editing is intuitive once we have understood, like all multi-effects.
I want to buy one or two effects pedals and a looper to as I play with an electric scraper and for the price there was the ME25 which brought together all in one pedal, the foot:)


Then the gate is ca ..... sounds are purely home boss: stifled ... So much for a distortion as it passes the rest is more delicate. If you make the very hard rock or metal, no problemo it for you. Otherwise, we would have less effect preferr and preset but better qualities. I play with a Gibson LP DC or a Fender tele deluxe mod on a Laney VC and I can not get released and subtle sounds. We realize all the sounds eaten by the pedal as you move from one Regleg as clear as possible to the mode or pedal tuner is bypassed or it gets the sound palette. For the rest full of button that serves only half as having foot changeable presets and preset sounds or you are forced to stoop and push a small button.
The looper is great, simple and effective


I use it for a year of 2 different amps and guitars with two different and my opinion is mixed, good for rock, live and rehearsal, a condition of not wanting to subtle adjustments. strength issue, it sounds great and the connection is very good
Magix Fingers04/09/2011

Magix Fingers's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simple, effective, and LIVE Studio"

Boss ME-25
Compact and well designed black appearance and more discretion and provides a rendering worthy of the name yet.
I enjoyed my Vox Tonelab st falls harbor to get this silly at the beginning which made me very afraid because it seemed to me so complicated that not once was I would understand it takes 10 minutes to put the shine little manual in french (5 pages) then it remains the party the most technical part which is scheduled for its search is what requires the most time, but sincerely me if I can anyone can do.
what attracted me is the part that loop really is a crazy thing and freeze new function is simply Maiques.
I would try to put some demo video on my myspace (on my presentation page there is every web address)
I made my little pub is 9 because even when it does not take them too much otherwise it will put more effect in multi boss and say it's good it was good but we just always do better with full function Compact and easy to use voice will do soon (I want the gary moore gary and hop at your fingertips).


To use:
Party Edition: Frankly it's simple and easy home made is quite frankly
Live: a good memory is needed and especially the memory of the figure because everything is saved on 60 presets but the pedal integers is very exploitable, live (finally after that I could see because right now I ' I stop the concert (snnnnnnnnnnnnniiiifffffffffffffffffffffffff)
The loop also live part and that's what I'm cracking it ensures you still have a little time to adapt and freeze new function does its work.
In Studio: included with the software that the sonar is not very usable but I think I'll take the time I need to run because it is a party quite interresting
For couples cons in my digital recorder from the same brand that I am a fan for my small compound and the actual move made it perfect.


To the studio has nothing to say for the ears as the blow that must live for the kill
The hardest thing is to find his sound is to say what was in his head after he is so much possibility with this that I think will satisfy the most demanding
The expression pedal in notemment Wha has made more than satisfactory and its operation is interresting.
Then it was all acoustic style with a simulation that more correct but I find I am no expert.
So I told myself looking around without changing its sound from my amp I am very pure sound and I've used because it is easily exploitable and especially we can cut everything has its sandstone and operated solely on the comp Dilay finally all the Wha
In the matter of his more specific I would say we can do now is also true that on stage I did not operate the pedalboard with 60 different sound in the studio on the other hand I would look more certain sound.


Frankly we say that fate is well done and I think that's true.
In fact I fell down with my Vox Tonelab ST with whom I've never been disappointed, yet I never thought to say this but this boss ME 25 I love it (as long as it lasts over time)
Yet I was the boss ME 20 I think that remains in my worst purchase I passed without comment by Zoom Vox and I have never been disappointed but I missed something there I confess I have all the same more interresting for a price and association to mix the live and studio is really a plus that I find especially the principle of the box very usable
Hoping you have convinced if I did not succeed does not matter what you do not make me change my mind
Promised I would try to make a little video with this new trick.
Magix Fingers

ebrian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good and reliable"

Boss ME-25
See below or on the website. Also runs on batteries. Made for the home studio and stage.


Easy to use. Manual clear.


Reverbs, delays and modulations excellents.Loop: loop 38 seconds anyway! Digitech Whammy below: Medium. Wha-wha: quite good especially for a multi-purpose. Freeze Effect: I use and it opens new horizons. As for the distortions we must know the address by the guitar and above all for large satus not hesitate to use the SuperStack effect that gives more depth and bass while brushing analog. Most are satus Good to excellent. But we must try!
The guitar sound is not distorted.


In short, a versatile multi-effects and good quality. It's Boss! Me I use it for rehearsals (on tube amps) it saves me carrying my 2 heavy pedal boards. Maybe I'll use it on stage in case of lack of place.Quelque time I use the amp simulation on computer. Not bad at all.

Strong set
Qualities effects
Long Delays
Ease of use
Some distortions
Value for money
Complete connectivity
The -
Some distortions
CPS 202006/19/2010

CPS 2020's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss ME-25
This is a multi-effects pedal Boss involving the main sounds of the mark in the patch.


The setup takes a little getting used to, but proves to be quite rich. There are three ways to approach her, either with presets, or by combinations of such sounds, or editing the sound directly.

Editing is very intuitive, as soon as we have understood the principle. on the other hand there are fewer settings than the original pedals, for certain.


Here is a matter of taste ... The distortions are a bit of heat. There need to consider adding an equalizer pedal for some, to tweak the sound.
Otherwise, as usual, the modulations are excellent (although I advise you to edit the presets yourself), especially the flanger Reverb or Delay.

The loop function is to register on a perfect rhythm.


I use it for about 15 days. I tried to compare with the ME 70 but the difference seemed not enough to invest more, knowing that the ME70 has no USB.

The value of this prize ME 25 is his best asset. For the price of a DD7 you have a palette of sounds incredible, a convenient size for group play without having to install all the pedals ....

I would do without hesitation choice and I recommend it really