Marshall JFX-1
Marshall JFX-1

JFX-1, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Marshall in the Effects series.

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All user reviews for the Marshall JFX-1

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 3 reviews60 %
Value For Money:Excellent
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niavlys's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good animal"

Marshall JFX-1
Base effects

Multi 1u size, noon (In, Out, Thru)


Good config. base (49 presets)

English manual.

Creating quite simple sets (for the time)


So sounds:
- Reverb: a killer. All areas of bases (hall theater Garage)
- Chorus: beautiful. In clean crunch to heavy distortion, it grows
- The delay: correct (I personally am not a fan of ping pong)
- The flang: good for me (but I feel like the only one to enjoy)

In the presets I like simple additions (rev cho, or flang)


Bought used.
I like its simplicity.
Sold a G-Major I found imbouffable to pass Jfx.
If you are looking for the basics sounds of 70-85 years, you will have them.

jimiric90's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall JFX-1
Previous notices are explicit especially with regard to a slight lack of depth of the flanger, but this is not very serious!
As a general rule, the effects are excellent and the grain guitars totally respect is that the quality of treatment while Marshall speaks no time performance technology of its product!
The connection is sufficient that we can throughout the systm will integrate without problem ..


Configuration very simple now truly been planned to musicians .. The proof is that you can always tweak even in full concert!!
The small weak point is that there is no tap tempo yet very useful because the time period contrle continuously (using an expression pedal) is not gnial!
The manual is in English, so ....


View Previous review! I use the effects loop of my Marshall JMP1 in multiplayer mode with just my Start + + rotovibe wha-wha of the inter prampli ...


I had purchased its output (at 94!) And then resold with the rest of the rack (jmp1 jfx1 9200 + + + TU50 tuner rack + hf Nady STREO hush) to return something + rock'n'roll (jtm45. .. I'm back configuration jmp1 + jfx1 and frankly, I do not regret it and measure the bullshit fate 13 years ago !!!!!!
I have every opportunity to ratchet qualitprix therefore the ratio is excellent!! But beware, this kind of buying the gear is brand new pes or warranty and it is always possible to fall on non-problem deficits by the seller !!!!! exprience but vcue the electronic good is my job to eat so ........
In fact the choice I had done long ago!!

fendermaiden's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall JFX-1
Multi-effects rack unit 1.
used in stereo effects.
-2 To little effect, but the little he possesses it does great.


Simple to use
I only have the instructions in English.
multiple mode available to us such as:
while the effects of a sudden
one at a time
multiple delay mode.
-1 For lack of ptit adjustable multi-mode effects.


Upgrade its IT ay not shit the chorus has its own tropical ptite with reverb and clean it gives a max.
The flanger is very discreet so negative I found to be multi-effects.
the delay and reverb as nickel.


Frankly it is a multi-effects, despite the many top flanger.

Dark974's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall JFX-1
Multi effect rack 19 "1U.
The marshall JFX1 has 3 effects: reverb, delay, chorus flanger (which is available as a way of chorus). Used alone or together.
This rack is MIDI, as in competition.
Level Connectivity is standard: one input and two outputs left / right in addition to the three MIDI connections.
One can regret the lack of parameters in multi purpose.


Editing presets is fairly simple. As the grip of the device. The manual is clear and precise. After one hour prtite can already start and start creating its preset.


The effects are of good quality, comparable to those of major manufacturers such as electro harmonix or Rocktron. The reverbs are superb (and it rhymes!), Chorus and delay need not blush before the giant electronic TC, although a little worse. The only real fault I found is the poor quality of the flanger is not enough "present".


I use it for 6 months. Acquired with the rest of which is my first rack. To begin, I think with the Rocktron products side rack is one of the best value for money and a good compromise for a guitarist who does not want to take the lead in the settings.
This rack contains no unnecessary effects, just the basics, and in my opinion is a high quality product.
If I have to buy a multi purpose one day, I think, however, point me to a more complete product (like a G-Force ...), in order to have a greater range of effects. That said, I repeat, this product is very good.

sylfeline's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall JFX-1
Multi effects (Chorus, Reverb, Delay or 3 in the same time) 19 "rack 1U
1 input 2 output (for stereo)
Midi In, Out, Through
Jack of external control (to control the switch of an amplifier for example)


Used, very simple, not even need to use the manual ...
We choose the type of effect you want, the change is adjusted a few parameters and hop ...
Of course some of the effects are long enough to be set (multi tap delay ....) but overall it can be done quickly.
To my knowledge there is no editing software.


I use the effects loop of my Peavey with a Lag Rockline.

The chorus is simply beautiful, very resemblance to those found on the amp ... Marshall and I love! The flanger is back, not very pronounced
The reverb is very nice
Deadlines are very good too, but I use them less.


I used it for 3 years when I was still playing the guitar (I started on bass)
What I like about this rack is the facade which in the mouth ;-) but especially the chorus which with a bit of reverb can have a seriously class.

This is the first effect that I bought, and if it again?? I would say yes if I had other effects rack (then not) and not in the other cases (perhaps purchased a pedal type gt3 ...)