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Marshall user reviews

  • Marshall DSL401

    Marshall DSL401 - "Full Marshall Sound. "


    I traded a Fender Bass Amp for this. The bass amp had a value of $400. Since I never played the bass, I believe I came out on top. This amp is awesome. And every one of my friends that hear it can't believe the full marshall sound that comes out ...

  • Marshall Shred Master

    Marshall Shred Master - "So glad I held onto this pedal!"


    I bought this from a friend along with a Roland JC 120 a long time ago now, it was my first "bigger" amp and with this pedal I was in heaven. Not too long after I started making payments on my first Marshall halfstack, a 1st gen 8100 with an 8412 cab...

  • Marshall Code 50

    Marshall Code 50 - "A great amp with a nice Marshall sound"


    - What musical styles do you use this amp for? Rock, punk, jazz-rock, reggae. - Given its weight and power, is this amp feasible for practicing, rehearsing with a band, and/or using live? Yes. It’s both light and powerful. Haven’t tried in for a...

  • Marshall Code 25

    Marshall Code 25 - "Many sounds in a small, lightweight box"


    The title sums up why I couldn’t resist this new Marshall… in a 25-watt version. First of all, it doesn’t take much space up – and when you add up several other pieces of gear space definitely IS a factor… Then, I won’t compare it with the original ...

  • Marshall 2061CX

    Marshall 2061CX - "Balanced and versatile"


    I’ve used this cab for a music that is very demanding for the gear that you use, as it’s full of dynamics with a succession of hardcore-like portions and atom-style moments that often feature delays, reverbs and overdrives/fuzz/distortions (in a nuts...

  • Marshall MG15DFX

    Marshall MG15DFX - "Bought this because I also own a 15W valvastate and wanted a pair to run stereo effects."


    This amp is nearly identical to the Valvestate series. I've owned a 15W combo and 100W head for about 10 years so I know them well. I found a great price on the MG so I bought it so I'd have a pair to run with my stereo effects units. I play all ...

  • Marshall VS15R

    Marshall VS15R - "Owned this amp a long time and its been a good practice amp. "


    Been playing for over 50 years and have owned at least as many amps. As a repair tech I've used just about everything made at one time or another. This amp is fine for what it is, and inexpensive entry model. It gives you typical clean and driven...

  • Marshall MG15CFR

    Marshall MG15CFR - "Would have given it 3.5 stars"


    I was actually looking for the Roland Cube 20XL, living in S. Korea sometimes choices are limited , so the salesman directed me towards this amp (Marshall MG15CFR). Since it was a Marshall I said why not, but I was always of the philosophy that I go...

  • Marshall DSL40C

    Marshall DSL40C - "The best Marshall in a long time, a very versatile tone monster and a future classic"


    I play mainly progressive rock and fusion however I also amuse myself with classic rock, blues and metal. This DSL40c came after a long string of amps, most of them good in their own right, that for one reason or another did not meet my requirements....

  • Marshall GV-2 Guv'nor Plus

    Marshall GV-2 Guv'nor Plus - "It Has The Missing ingredient"


    I have tested the Marshall Guvnor 2 and it will soon be on my pedal board. My pedal board has 47 pedals on it and I use them all. I am in a 3 piece Indie alternative band. We do all our own tunes. I write with the bass player. I tend towards a disto...