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Marshall user reviews

  • Marshall AVT150

    Marshall AVT150 - "Flexible and quality sounding amp"


    The Marshall AVT150 amp utilises 'Advanced Valvestate Technology' which basically means it's a combination of a valve/tube amp and a solid state amp. It delivers 150watts of power and has connections for an external footswitch, 2 external speaker inp…

  • Marshall DSL5C

    Marshall DSL5C - "A small bombshell"


    All-tube amp Very good sound in 1w mode, not to mention the 5w mode. Very easy to dial in. USE It's very easy to find a good sound and, coupled with an effects pedal, it's magical. SOUND I have a lespaul custom 77 CS3 london's burning…

  • Marshall DSL5C

    Marshall DSL5C - "Good amp"


    All-tube amp with switchable output power (5 Watts or 0.5 Watts) and 2 channels. 1 headphone jack, 1 mp3 player jack, 1 footswitch. 3-band equalizer. 1 effects loop. 1 speaker output The mp3 input doesn't work unless you connect your headphones. V…

  • Marshall 8040 ValveState 40V

    Marshall 8040 ValveState 40V - " Great little amp"


    Hybrid with one 12AX7 for a bit more warmth 1 input => 2 channels + effects loop Output power between 35 and 40 watts Lots of settings, but it has a stack tone that demands to be modified. UTILIZATION Easy to dial in. It's a pretty versatile amp…

  • Marshall 8040 ValveState 40V

    Marshall 8040 ValveState 40V - "Good amp, despite some defective components"


    40w solid-state amp with tube preamp and one Valvestate 8040 speaker Manufactured in the '90s in the UK. That's where it gets its charm from. On the other hand, like with many other amps at this price point, the sound starts to "leak" after sever…

  • Marshall 4102 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999]

    Marshall 4102 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999] - "Rediscover it!"


    100W tube combo (mine has 3 x 12AX7 and 4 x EL34, but there are also versions with 6L6), switchable to 50W. One input, one non-switchable effects loop with adjustable level, 2 speaker outputs (8 and 4/16 ohms), one direct line output and one with am…

  • Marshall 8040 ValveState 40V

    Marshall 8040 ValveState 40V - "Fragile pots"


    Tube preamp with one 12 ax 7 Solid-state amp 40 watts of output power Spring reverb Clean channel + boost channel, nothing could be simpler, EQ for both channels. UTILIZATION Extremely easy to use: Plug in, dial in and it works... SOUNDS Magi…

  • Marshall AS50R

    Marshall AS50R - "Great for clean sounds"


    50-watt solid-state amp, although the output power is gentler than that of a tube amp. The anti-feedback function isn't easy to adjust. It features a reverb and a chorus, an XLR input for guitarist who sing, as's handy when you're playing o…

  • Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus

    Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus - "It was okay to start out with."


    Not much to add (solid-state, pseudo hybrid ....clean channel 100% solid-state, OD channel with a marshall 12Ax7 tube). It's a pity it doesn't feature a headphone out or a speaker out to connect it to external cabs, with hindsight I would've really …

  • Marshall 5210 [1981-1991]

    Marshall 5210 [1981-1991] - "Excellent solid-state amp!"


    50W, 2 channels, solid-state. 9/10 because the footswitch is a bit light and not too practical for onstage. UTILIZATION It's very easy to get really good sounds, it's easy to dial in. It's good to know that the amp has to be really driven to …