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Marshall user reviews

  • Marshall MG15MSZW - Zakk Wylde

    Marshall MG15MSZW - Zakk Wylde - "It's fun"


    I have to first say that I am not a huge fan of ZW but I do like some of his stuff and he sure knows how to rock it out. I particularly like him in the movie Rock Star for instance when he shoots that gun out of the bus at that roads sign. He seems t…

  • Marshall G50RCD

    Marshall G50RCD - "Not a bad intro amp"


    This is Marshall's attempt at the introductory amps for the beginner or low budget guitar players. For the quiet player it has a headphone input so if you desire to play at home quietly or in your office this is a great feature. This is the same …

  • Marshall TSL601

    Marshall TSL601 - "Not too bad"


    This is one of the last great combos that Marshall had built. These were a great sounding amps that has a very dynamic feel and organic tone that was very usable in many different applications. These amps were the a little bit of the JCM2000 DSL but …

  • Marshall MG100HFX

    Marshall MG100HFX - "Garbage"


    Marshall has gone way down hill in recent years. Their JVM series amp sounds ok but nothing great or spectacular. There last newest amp that was decent was the Marshall JCm 2000 Dsl 100. That amp was great workable amp that sounded good and had the …

  • Marshall MG10CD

    Marshall MG10CD - "This is nice"


    If you are a Marshall nut like myself and you are in need or a good sounding practice amp then this might be the amp for you. This is a low watt headphone featured and this was really the predecessor to the MG series amps.The dirty channel gets a nic…

  • Marshall MG101FX

    Marshall MG101FX - iamqman's review


    This is the 100 watt amp in this series. They have wattage amp that range from all over the map for these amps. This one ha basically the same features and tone as the others but just in a 100 watt version. They produce a usable tone and nice jamming…

  • Marshall MG15HFXMS

    Marshall MG15HFXMS - "Big little stack"


    This is Marshall's attempt at the introductory amps for the beginner or low budget guitar players. Along with the reverb in the the amp it has several other effects such as Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Delay. For the quiet player it has a headphone input…

  • Marshall MG10KK (Kerry King)

    Marshall MG10KK (Kerry King) - iamqman's review


    Marshall has the amp for you if you need to sound like an idiot. The proverbial idiot himself Kerry King has a solid state amp that sound like trash and looks like the same stupid tattoo that he has on his arm. This guy is about is about 150 lbs drip…

  • Marshall MG250DFX

    Marshall MG250DFX - "Nice little combo"


    This company has come out with a tone of different amps for different people. They have amps for every guitarist that is out there. Some sound good and some sound like trash This is an amp that was out for a period of time and then went away for othe…

  • Marshall 1992LEM Lemmy Kilmister Super Bass Signature

    Marshall 1992LEM Lemmy Kilmister Super Bass Signature - "Just killer!"


    Marshall has done a lot of things right in their day and that have propelled them to the top of the haystack when it comes to amplifiers. NOw a days they have been putting out garbage after garbage. Take for example the Slash amp. That thing sound li…