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Marshall user reviews

  • Marshall 1960B [1990-Current]

    Marshall 1960B [1990-Current] - "The standard 4x12"


    The Marshall 1960b cabinet is the straight front 4x12 that they have been making for many years. It's a very common cab to find on stages around the world and it is widely praised for it's fantastic tone with a wide variety of different amps as well …

  • Marshall 2203 JMP Master Volume Lead [1975-1981]

    Marshall 2203 JMP Master Volume Lead [1975-1981] - "A classic..."


    The Marshall JMP was the go-to amp if you were a rock or metal musician in the seventies and early eighties. Everyone from Thin Lizzy to Iron Maiden used them and the picture of a wall of Marshalls sitting behind an arena stage is something every asp…

  • Marshall JVM210H

    Marshall JVM210H - "Not bad, there's better though"


    The Marshall JVM 210H is a scaled down version of their hundred watt four channel firebreather JVM. It forgoes the expansive and complex featureset of the 410 and pares it down to a standard dual channel head. Each channel contains 3 modes for differ…

  • Marshall 1923

    Marshall 1923 - "A DSL by another name..."


    The Marshall DSL 85th anniversary head was made as a limited edition amp by the company recently in order to capitalize on the 85th birthday of Jim Marshall, father of loud. At its core it's a two channel Marshall head. Each channel has two modes ava…

  • Marshall 4211 JCM800 Split Channel Reverb [1982-1989]

    Marshall 4211 JCM800 Split Channel Reverb [1982-1989] - "irreplaceable"


    tube UTILIZATION easy SOUNDS fender, gibson, ibanez, line6 etc OVERALL OPINION best…

  • Marshall JVM210H

    Marshall JVM210H - "one of the best, buy it"


    The back of the Marshal JVM Series has a MIDI jack so if you have an external controller you can change amp channels with it. You have all sorts of jacks to plug in different ohm rated speaker cabs. So you can power just about anything you have. Min…

  • Marshall DSL50

    Marshall DSL50 - "Great Sounding Marshall Workhorse!"


    The Marshall JCM2000 DSL50 is a Marshall amp head with that trademark Marshall sound. DSL stands for "Dual Super Lead" which makes it the two channel model. (Marshall also put out a TSL with three channels in this same JCM2000 series of amps) The 5…

  • Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus

    Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus - "If you don't like metal, look elsewhere"


    "Small" solid-state Marshall with hybrid preamp: One 12AX7 tube. Only for the OD channel, as far as I can tell. Power: 80w (2x40) (incomparable to the 80w of a tube amp) 2 channels (clean/crunch, OD1/OD2) Chorus Spring reverb. 2 Celestion G12T s…

  • Marshall 4103 JCM800 Master Volume Lead [1981-1989]

    Marshall 4103 JCM800 Master Volume Lead [1981-1989] - "Good combo"


    Marshall JCM 800 to the hot most highly use Marshall amps in existence. It is a guitar player's dream because it takes petals so well and is the perfect platform for modification. This is a great aunt for any gigging recording artist and you've heard…

  • Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead [1967-1981]

    Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead [1967-1981] - "Speechless!!"


    The Marshall plexi amplifier or the four input amplifier is a classic amplifier and is based upon one of the most regional amplifiers that Marshall created. The four inputs is a standard two channel which is not foot switchable or selectable at all l…