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Marshall Bass Guitars user reviews

  • Marshall MB15

    Marshall MB15 - "Great value for a practice amp"


    Mainly being a guitarist, I decided two years ago to explore the Bass guitar and maybe even improve my guitar rhythm playing by doing so, therefore I got myself a bass guitar, did research for a bass amp for practicing in my apartment and I found thi…

  • Marshall 1992LEM Lemmy Kilmister Super Bass Signature

    Marshall 1992LEM Lemmy Kilmister Super Bass Signature - "Just killer!"


    Marshall has done a lot of things right in their day and that have propelled them to the top of the haystack when it comes to amplifiers. NOw a days they have been putting out garbage after garbage. Take for example the Slash amp. That thing sound li…

  • Marshall MB15

    Marshall MB15 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by salvador-jè²µs/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Small 15-watt solid-state amp with 3-band EQ, two channels (the modern channel has a compression control and the classic a gain control), line output and CD input... It's amazing…

Translated user reviews
  • Marshall MBC115

    Marshall MBC115 - " Mixed"


    I bought this speaker to play with MB450H head as it is supposed to be done to go with. I played it at home in my apartment, and repeated in concert with all kinds of volumes. SOUNDS This is a 1x15 was especially severe and round to render fre…

  • Marshall MBC410

    Marshall MBC410 - " Cardboard too round"


    I bought this cabinet to go with MB450H head, because it's the same series that is supposed to be designed to go with. I'm used to play in my apartment, in rehearsal, in concert, to all sorts of possible volumes. SOUNDS The frequency curve is …

  • Marshall MB450H

    Marshall MB450H - " Good product to get familiar with the amplification of low"


    A bass amp, dual channel, with a channel while transistors and hybrid channel (12AX7 preamp). 6.3 Input Jack Power 450W An independent channel equalization, a compressor on the first channel, the possibility of "mixing" the two channels by s…

  • Marshall VBA400

    Marshall VBA400 - " simple and effective."


    400w all-tube bass head. 4 lamps preamp, 8 power tubes. two entries: passive active. 3 settings: treble, middle, bass + 2 filters: high and low. a master (preamp) and volume (power stage). effects loop, direct out to PA. Outputs 4 ohms or 2 ohms. Spe…

  • Marshall B65

    Marshall B65 - Qill's review


    Marshall 65W Bass Amplifier transistor 1 input 1 input active and passive 1 volume 1 gain 1 bass 1 treble 1 comp 5 1 EQ band One loop effect 1 output ext UTILIZATION RAS SOUNDS The sound is not at all accurate, there is a…

  • Marshall VBA400

    Marshall VBA400 - " Notice IVOKKO comparison is not due"


    You can not compare a brand lamps with an Ampeg SVT 3 (pro), it was only the preamp tube, the rest is the transistor. I have an Ampeg svt3 pro, so I know whereof I speak. But I also have (maybe the Rolls bass amps) the full SVT 2 PRO lamps (SVT cab…

  • Marshall VBA400

    Marshall VBA400 - " An amp that works very well"


    400w tube amp, we choose 2 or 4 ohms behind (so you can put two fridges if you do!), There is a fan with two speeds (also very cool). It is very easy to use 1 volume 1 gain is made with mashed easily equalize and Bass / midrange / treble to sculpt …