Marshall B150
Marshall B150

B150, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Marshall in the BassState series.

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Labell 02/16/2005

Marshall B150 : Labell's user review


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-150 Watts (1 * 15 ").
-Between: Active, Passive and Direct.
A-line output.
One-loop effects.
Equalizer 7-bands, compressor.
An XLR-to be transplanted by the PA.

The compressor is not bad. When opportunities in terms of connectivity, there is no saying is complete!


The manual provided three standard configurations (fingers, slap and mdiator). For it is against noise but could do better. I find that rglages are too laborious. You have to push the legalization almost up for a boost or a dip. In short an effective equalizer is not luxury.


It is the weak point of this amp. The sound from this amp dlivr will always be the same as you have a good or a bad low. And it is very damaging lessons.


Power is also the finish. Brief of Marshall.

+ Connection / compressor etc..

- Equalization fairly ineffective.

I put 7 / 10 because when you see the price that it costs one wonders if it's worth the investment.