Marshall VBA400
Marshall VBA400

VBA400, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the VBA400 series.

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chois 09/01/2012

Marshall VBA400 : chois's user review

«  Notice IVOKKO comparison is not due »

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You can not compare a brand lamps with an Ampeg SVT 3 (pro), it was only the preamp tube, the rest is the transistor.
I have an Ampeg svt3 pro, so I know whereof I speak. But I also have (maybe the Rolls bass amps) the full SVT 2 PRO lamps (SVT cabinet with 8 x 10 ").
I do not have the Marshall described, I can not say anything, but when comparing the IVOKKO SVT3 is not permitted. If playing on a SVT 2 pro, I'm not sure he would find many qualities in Marshall.
I have a Marshall 200 watt combo tube preamp, the rest transistors, but with an equalizer with a single 15 "which I add a 2 x 10", it is great, but far from my other 2 Ampeg.
For bass, including C Squire Rickenbacker signature, and Marcus Miller Jazz Bass.


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