Marshall VBA400
Marshall VBA400

VBA400, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the VBA400 series.

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lvokko 08/28/2012

Marshall VBA400 : lvokko's user review

«  An amp that works very well »

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400w tube amp, we choose 2 or 4 ohms behind (so you can put two fridges if you do!), There is a fan with two speeds (also very cool).
It is very easy to use 1 volume 1 gain is made with mashed easily equalize and Bass / midrange / treble to sculpt sound in addition to the rest.
There is also a bass boost and treble boost.

Frankly it is often said that there are less buttons the better it works, I is what I like with this kind of amp.
Oh yes there is also an effects loop.


I tried it, I said good ... it growls, it slams, it's everything you want and it exudes lights for miles ....
Let's say I waited a long time to have any lights, I had long eyed the SVT, and then I finally got tired of so-called problem with new fabrications ... prices are still high enough ... brief.
Knowing that I played on SVT3 for 6-7 years, I still hung well (and always) on the famous ampeg legend!

When the sound of that my head fell into my hands, I told myself that ca worth it, the sound is just insane, it svt3 my cap to the post before, that the rest was good, but I goes upmarket as they say. The sound is easy to find, it is very "lamps" of course but not too typical, we will say that the sound is, it works well.


I rock with and I said to marshall rock it can only do so much. I really sound discs I listen to, a big tube sound that takes good belly without being aggressive.

Of course I have not ampeg svt recognizable 100km, but I have a serious competitor that is largely the case, which sounds less typical, and that cost me a lot less to be made especially in UK! Enough said.


For almost a year I have, I'm not disappointed at all, I want lights, you're done.
Well it's just a little heavy, but you should know what you want!