Marshall VBA400
Marshall VBA400

VBA400, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the VBA400 series.

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Bonomo 03/17/2013

Marshall VBA400 : Bonomo's user review

«  simple and effective. »

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400w all-tube bass head. 4 lamps preamp, 8 power tubes. two entries: passive active. 3 settings: treble, middle, bass + 2 filters: high and low. a master (preamp) and volume (power stage). effects loop, direct out to PA. Outputs 4 ohms or 2 ohms. Special entry for tuner, 2 speed fan. Two side handles shrink. Weight: between thirty and forty pounds.


The settings are simple and instinctive. One branch, we play, we sound.


I plug in the head on a cabinet Ampeg SVT 810 AV. I use several basses, fretted or fretless. What I like is that this configuration complies with the personality of my different basses. It remains in the registry fat, organic. The sound is clear even at high volume. There's reserve, in terms of performance. You can play with a big hitter drummer.
The amp is ideal for those seeking a great sound straight without taking the head with the settings. Personally I play with the EQ flat without engaging any filter. Least, is that the pots or filters are not very effective compared to eg Ampeg svt 300 head 300w AV reissue.
We do not have a wide array of sounds available. One branch, we play, we sound.


I play it for a year. Before I played on Trace-Elliot, I liked but I do not like too much. I also played on a long Hiwatt Custom 100 head, I liked but I did not have enough power. I know the Ampeg SVT AV 300. The Marshall is extra. The Ampeg too, I do not know which I prefer.
At the price, this head is a big investment if you want new, a little less than 2000 €. I got it secondhand in 1000. She must be fifteen years but it is nickel.