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Xavy 11/14/2013

Marshall MB450H : Xavy's user review

«  Good product to get familiar with the amplification of low »

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A bass amp, dual channel, with a channel while transistors and hybrid channel (12AX7 preamp).

6.3 Input Jack

Power 450W

An independent channel equalization, a compressor on the first channel, the possibility of "mixing" the two channels by selecting the% of each channel present.


Setup is simple, provided we know how to use an amp with basic features.

The manual is clear, it even offers settings "type" to get an idea of ​​how a particular sound equalization.

It is easy to get a good sound, and even easier bad (a wide range of EQ the amp gives things absolutely unusable). Otherwise it does the job.


To play rock, punk, funk, reggae, it does so with a credible sound. Should not seek to excel in a style that colorise based equalization, but it does not work very very authentic, just a first approach.

Sound level, can potentially do, but not at the top. Many EQ give poor and unusable results. When you plug you have to fight a bit with the eq to make it sound.

I played with a bass yamaha (the € 100) and a Rickenbacker on end. One like the other sound card in it.
I had the 4x10 and 1x15 of the same series to put underneath.

I neither love nor hate any sound above (apart from eqs rotten), it is a good amp to get out and find what you're looking a little like her.


I used it for 2 years.

I did not try any other models before buying it, I wanted something with a versatile EQ that can work properly and my budget allowed.

I liked both and I hated equalization or had something right or it was rotten, either one or the other, no half measures.

To make by hand, it is a bit pricey, but it was all due to play group or elsewhere power cabling options allow many things (including out on a table when you have no place of put three bodies in a small bar). I will not repeat that choice with the experience, I will direct a tube amp (Ampeg or orange kind), but that's with the experience to be discovered.