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Deviances 07/17/2008

Marshall MB450H : Deviances's user review


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-This amp is a hybrid it is equipped with a lamp for the classical channel.
The rest works like a standard transistor amplifier.

He delivers a power of 450 Watts.

A single input-compatible active or passive thanks to a knob.
a fan in the back louse cool the lamp (which is heating a second before giving his!)
2 channels a modern busy everywhere with good opportunity for jazz and funk rock mee ...
a classical channel with gain boost and ideal for a vintage rock (I am very happy after the gs and its color can not be discussed)

-Ability to attach the 2 channels thanks to the blend. (With proper adjustment of its sounds great)

-Channel compressor integrated into the modern but I do not use it is not a very eficace my taste, I opted for a more efficient pedal.

-Possibility to connect two speakers pretty good.


-The handling is very easy. It must still some time to master the craft, but it is quite normal.

-On the fluid gets a nice round and warm with modern canal channel is more classic rock ideal for snapping like "The Who"

The manual is simple, it is very common and there are adjustable diferents example is simple.


-It is ideal to play rock style 70's, 60's and even rock and roll style Motorhead ... p
Proponents of funk will be perhaps a little disappointed but it sounds very good choices would be a Hartke juditieux to play funk.

-Perfect for the blues ... has nothing more to add: p

I use a Fender Jazz Bass with passive and active ibanez vintage old model who is doing more I do not even know the model number ...
We ship with the 2

"I use a lot the classical channel and I cvre parfoit even my guitar: p

-I do not completely integrate the compressor I would put 9 for this reason even if I use a pedal to compensate


I use it since April and I'm still satisfied.

"I loved the classical channel and he slams his sound is round and warm.

"I try many model and understand me in Paris I went to the neighborhood Pigale to find my happiness (because it's not a Nice joy at music store)
so I try several models before deciding.

Exelente Calita-price ratio for less than € 500 was Calita an amp that delivers lots of power. Mias is consseiller test before deciding.