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Marshall 1959 JMP Super Bass
Marshall 1959 JMP Super Bass

Bass Guitar Amp Head from Marshall belonging to the JMP series.

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Wizgah Wizgah

«  Mythical character of an amp »

Publié le 02/06/12 à 07:23
My head is one of the first JMP, end 69, according to early 70's serial number.

Regarding the characteristics, everything has been said before. Here we have a living wage, plug and play.

But I would add that this head has two inputs on the front and also the two outputs (hence the 4 jacks). In the absence of DI, and you have a preamp out for each channel. One can also have fun at all for bridger mix the sound from both channels, which for my part, I find very distinct.

My head is mounted lamps EH 12AX7 in preamp and JJ EL34 power. Channel 1 sounds very "bright" with good treble slap and second channel seems more suited to low frequencies with a good dose of lower midrange.


This is my main amp and probably will remain so for very long. I use it on bass, a Rickenbacker 4004 Cheyenne and a cab home VBC412 Marshall (normally intended to head VBA400).

The output level of my being low level, the preamp saturates quickly. You decide if it suits you or not for the style of music you play is, however, whether you have an active bass (a-15dB pad may be necessary). Also plan to add to it an oversized cab: I used earlier stages a single 15 "that could withstand 250W ... And it was not the weight. Since I invested in a 4x12 400W cashing, I did finally over afraid of my HPs orbit. I agree with the previous opinion: I never exceeds 3 the volume, otherwise completely drown my group under a barrage of grainy bass and treble angry! a treat:-D

With guitar, you enter the area from clean slightly crunchy. If you are deaf or want to become, you can reach the overdrive, but at a volume almost unbearable. An attenuator will probably need to play in the field of saturation.

Note: the amp also quite hot after a few hours. Ideal for your evening barbecue again!


This amp is more "mid-tidy". The character of my Rickenbacker is also something with a Jazz Bass, the sound is much more "wise". You will not sound Ampeg with this type of head, on the contrary!

I like a 12AX7 preamp in, and the gain and the master are not separated, it growls nicely to the style of music I play (Stoner / Hard Rock). If you want a sanitized sound, go your way.

I play with a pick and get a very musical crunch that really gives life to my instrument. In fact, I rediscovered it: crunchy and crystalline highs, deep bass and rumbling (I play in Drop C) and very present mids (this presence can be adjusted by the knob of the same name for a more "boomy" ).

The EQ is extremely basic, do not expect to precisely sculpt your sound with this type of gear: everything from scratch, you plug and play. That, at least I think, the philosophy of this type of material. This will amplify the characteristics of your instrument, its qualities, but also its faults!


I have this head for 2 years, and this is my first all tube head. I had decided to invest in an amp legendary collection, and I have not been disappointed. If you find a completely original at an affordable price, take the opportunity!

Or the price I got it (1100 euros, revised, and lamps changed completely original), this is a bargain. A must for guitar, amp and a character on bass.