Marshall DBS 72410 [1996-2000]
Marshall DBS 72410 [1996-2000]

DBS 72410 [1996-2000], Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Marshall in the DBS series.

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boube 01/14/2005

Marshall DBS 72410 [1996-2000] : boube's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Amp transistors with pramp lamp + transistor.
Power: 200 W
Baffle 4 * 10 inches
Between active and passive bass
Gain setting, the rglage prampli (knob which allows for a mix between lamp and transistor for a more or less hot.)
7-band EQ with 2 knob for bass and treble + 2 small button to brighten the sound and give it more bass.
Adjustable by a compressor knob and activated by a button.
Rglage and the final volume ...

DI pre and post output equalizer, effects loop, footswitch between a (qualizer)

For more info:


At use, no complaints! rglages all are effective and rather simple to understand. If you do not know Why this simply touch the rglage to report directly on what acted.

One can obtain a wide range of sound with either severe or very good while snapping rglage thanks especially on the back of the amp (horn attenuator).

In short use it is terrible!

The manual is brief but trs not need more effective it is!


Suitable for all styles ... I think I use it mainly for the rock / mtal but as he gives a great sound so it can suit all full of other styles!
I play it with an Ibanez GSR200 (not great but it leaves me a good sound on this amp) and I like having a crystal its not too rough or too fat ... With this amp can easily get a super sharp as well a deep and heavy ...


I have my amp for 5 months, I bought used and I'm really happy. In dpart I found its not super super level but I think it comes mainly from my bass is not the top, and in fact one time we play in BPS, is the s 'perceives the quality of the beast! I found my SETTING THE sound for me and since I'm really happy. Besides, I prfre the sound of this amp rather than an amp that I played in a local BPS (3500 + HARTKE speakers ampeg 4 * 10 + 1 * 15). But it's not really comparable either. The only default of this amp is its weight ... pfiou I did not pes but it is strong! But as I dplace occasionally, it is not too serious ... (Must be at least 2 to transport ...)
In the end I think it's a good value quality trs price for this power on occasion ....
Marshall is not in trsrput bass amps but they are good products!