Marshall Major
Marshall Major

Major, HiFi/audiophile headphone from Marshall in the Lifestyle series.

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newjazz 06/18/2014

Marshall Major : newjazz's user review

«  Pretty, but ... »

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I have long used in my home studio the AKG K140, and for several years the Audio-Technica ATH-M50, a marvel of value, which for 50 € more buries the righteousness Marshall sound level ( but it is true that there in between the headphone monitoring category ...)

Otherwise, listening to "hifi" I also had the Sony and Sennheiser, which I was pretty happy.

So finally, I would say that this headphone is nice, not a bad end, but the bass reproduction at once too "generous" and messy (my copy anyway) makes listening very unpleasant.

I used this headset to go with my iPhone. No concern for comfort, "small" atria not bothered me beyond measure.

Manufacturing is correct, but no more: it happened a pad detaches. Even if just the reclipser to the headset at this price level we begin to expect better.
No detachable connections ... as on most headphones so it's not really a criterion (say that it is rather pleasant surprise when a LA model the offers).

Good audio balance is clearly THE weak point of this headphone. While some here have heard a predominance of mid-high, I found my way over-representation of low, whatever the style of music listening. And even if they were accurate ... but no, it's drool everywhere.
The frequency response of these headphones vary it with a copy to the other?