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Marshall user reviews

  • Marshall MG15CDR

    Marshall MG15CDR - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by rmrdu33 on Audiofanzine FR. 15-watt solid-state amp Guitar input, CD input, line output. Three-band EQ (high, mid, low) Clean volume setting Overdrive volume and gain controls Reverb UTILIZATION Very …

  • Marshall MG10CD

    Marshall MG10CD - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by Clepto87 on Audiofanzine FR. 10-watt solid-state amp One guitar input, one CD input One output with speaker simulation, one headphones output Easy setting: Clean channel volume control Overdrive channel volu…

  • Marshall MG15DFX

    Marshall MG15DFX - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by Nicolas.I on Audiofanzine FR. 15-watt solid-state amp, 3-band EQ, clean and overdrive channels with their own volume setting, phones out, boost switch, reverb, etc. UTILIZATION Very easy to use, no need for the manual. Light …

  • Marshall 1960A JCM900

    Marshall 1960A JCM900 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by drapeau_rouge on Audiofanzine FR. I use these speaker cabinet with a 100-watt VHT Pitbull CLX amplifier head and a Gibson Les Paul Custom or a Fender Stratocaster Highway 1 with Bare Knuckle humbucker on the bridge. Compared w…

  • Marshall 4001 Studio 15 [1985-1992]

    Marshall 4001 Studio 15 [1985-1992] - "The best in its category"


    All-tube amp. 2 6v6. One 15-watt output, one 1-watt output for headphones and one 2-watt output for recording. 1 gain, 1 treble, 1 medium, 1 bass, and 1 volume control, all very effective. I jack input. 1 channel. 1 greenback. Simple but effect…

  • Marshall Class 5

    Marshall Class 5 - "Marshall Class 5"


    This is the Class 5 Valve guitar combo amp put out by Marshall. First thing you will notice is the British racing green tolex. It is a vintage styled amp, yet I don't think it is a reissue of any sort. Powered by one EL84 power tube and 2 ECC8…

  • Marshall MS-2

    Marshall MS-2 - "Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp"


    This is the miniature pocket amp version of a Marshall halfstack. Half top, half useful. You can power it with an AC plug or a 9 volt battery. Also features a belt loop in case you wanted to rock out on the go. Knobs are Clean or Overdrive swit…

  • Marshall RF-1 Reflector

    Marshall RF-1 Reflector - "Pretty Solid Digital Reverb"


    This is a reverb pedal made by Marshall. Marshall is primarily known for their amps but they are also increasing production of effects pedals. This one is a digital reverb with a lot of different settings. There is a 1/4" jack for input and output, a…

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - moosers's review


    The Marshall JMP-1 is a valve based guitar preamp, offering a single space rack mountable unit for use with electric guitar. It’s great for the home or professional studio owner who doesn’t necessarily want to always set up an amplifier for recordin…

  • Marshall 4001 Studio 15 [1985-1992]

    Marshall 4001 Studio 15 [1985-1992] - "A little-known great amp"


    Two 12AX7 and two 6L6. Simple, good, sturdy. 15W, no effects, only a very effective EQ, one single channel. One Gain and one Master control, plus a power attenuator. USE No need for a user's manual. It's easy to use and sounds fine right away. …