Marshall AFD100 Signature Slash
Marshall AFD100 Signature Slash

AFD100 Signature Slash, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Signature series.

SonicPulverizer 10/07/2012

Marshall AFD100 Signature Slash : SonicPulverizer's user review

"Slash tones"

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The AFD amp is marshall's signature offering for Slash. Meant to replicate the sounds from slash's modded amps from the appetite for destruction era. The AFD features two modes (#34/AFD) that share a common EQ.
The amps is running ECC83's in the preamp and 6550's for the power section. The amp has marshall's proprietary attenuation built in and can be controlled via the "power" control on the front panel. A series effects loop around back can offer an additional 10db of boost, which is foot switchable. The aesthetics are typical marshall fare, my only nitpick being the insightly Slash trademark graphic printed on the silver faceplate.


The inclusion of an attenuator is very welcome here. Marshalls always seem to sweeten as the volume goes up, and being able to attain several different sounds and feels at virtually any volume is plenty useful. Using the foot switchable loop as a boost makes the amp all the more versatile and negates the limitations put in place by the shared EQ. I have not gigged this amp, but it is clear to me that the amp's feature set would perform exceptionally in a live environment.


I played through the AFD with a Musicman Axis and SG standard. Mesa Boogie 4x12 cab. No pedals.

I personally set the amp up to do higher gain sounds, relying on my guitar's volume to access milder tones.
The cleans are exceptionally good for a Marshall. The #34 mode does the classic marhsall gain very well, and sounds more brittle and old school, while the AFD mode gives you an extra gain stage perfect for hair metal and the like. I personally favored the #34 mode better when driving up the volume and using the attentuator, but their are a number of flavors that can be dialed in.


Slash fan or not, this amp should be on the radar of anyone who loves old school rock guitar tones. The amp is no swiss army knife, but it certainly doesn't leave you feeling compromised. Used prices are not excellent due to the limited production run. If you are looking for the modified marshall sound, there are several great mods on the used market by builders such as Mike Fortin and Dave Friedman.