Marshall 8008
Marshall 8008

8008, Guitar Power Amplifier from Marshall in the ValveState I series.

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Countdown 09/15/2012

Marshall 8008 : Countdown's user review


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PowerAmp transistor, 2-channel stereo 2x80w.
Front, 2 volume knobs, one for each channel, and the on / off!
At the rear, 2 input, 2 output and a switch (ValveState and linear).

The look is simple, golden color typical Marshall!


Well, simply turn on the beast and put the volume at will ...


I only use my Line6 JM4 to amplify!
The rendering is very good ... more than a preamp in fact!
I plugged it in many preamp Marshall (ENGL E530, JMP1, Piranha), and the sound was not as good with a Rocktron Velocity (also transistor, but 120w), a Brunetti Rockit, or that a E840/50 ENGL ...
It lacked a bit of body volume and low volume High precision!

I wanted to say this, but this is not to "break" this unit, far from it!
€ 80 OCCAZ we can do better!
In fact, I use it almost every day not to turn a head lamp to play only 20 minutes, and it helps me very well!

To quibble, it may be missing a knob "definition" (tone) channel ... <div>Sometimes, randomly, i like to insert stuff in my rear (and I don't mean tubes...)</div>


I tried several PowerAmp (cited in "sounds"), but for my use, it is perfect. My JMP1, I prefer my Velocity 120.

The QPR is excellent.

He does what is expected of him, but if this is to put a preamp lamps, high-end, this is not what is best.
It does not color the sound cons.

PS: I state again that I bought this unit only to plug my looper / sampler Line 6 JM4 ... not to go again with a good Preamp (even if out of curiosity, I tried, of course )!