Marshall 8008
Marshall 8008

8008, Guitar Power Amplifier from Marshall in the ValveState I series.

sam66 07/14/2012

Marshall 8008 : sam66's user review


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a transistor amps deliver 2 * 80 watts (80 watts of stereo by "side")
volume for each side in front of A and B
behind setting Valvestate or "line" in fact it influt the "rendering" of sound.


config from simple volume and two behind the choice of "rendering" style fortification or "modern"
no manual is all very simple, the loop connecting the outputs for the speakers tt is very clear
the sound is fairly neutral
the power is there, I'm switching from a marshall jvm 410 tt lamps, but the Valvestate is great for those who have an adjacent rack with miulti-effects is a 1U rack so it does not take place trops It is ultimately not so heavy in the fly-box and a couple has two speakers or a stereo cabinet gives its well
two volume knob is rather simple and more settled not taken head on that side!


it depends on the material used and plug in (so listen to)


I used it for 5 years, and he is filled role to perfection, then certainly this is not a tube amp and this sense when going to the lamps, but in my rack of the day j ' had a digitech gsp artist has preamp valve behind the lights and the solution was not very expensive for:

1) be a boost without lugging a semi trailer
2) To play in stereo
3) have enough power to play at home again and live in
which after all is just what one has asked all our gear!
I would do this choice if I went up a rack of effects because of okaze it's really a matter
but my finances are changed and the lamp has warmed up my heart and my ears since ....