Marshall 8008
Marshall 8008

8008, Guitar Power Amplifier from Marshall in the ValveState I series.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 19 reviews )
 9 reviews47 %
 7 reviews37 %
 2 reviews11 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent

jedge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Gets the job done!"

Marshall 8008
Transistor amp 2 x 80 watts into 4 ohms, 2 knobs channel A and B


very simple no need for manual


for my use, I used it with my vox preamp for stereo effects only on my 2 cabinets marshall 1912.ALors the sound quality was a bit
cold for my taste with a digital effect TC rack but still had the power to go correct.Since use conventional attacks it gets the job done but it takes behind warm (pedals, preamp ...). Guitars used strat, tele .


I kept 4 years, but changed by a peavey classic has tubes all warmed ça.Excellent for a small budget and start a preamp / amp / speakers, reliability does not budge! but when you taste the tubes difficult to return to transistors ...

Countdown's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8008
PowerAmp transistor, 2-channel stereo 2x80w.
Front, 2 volume knobs, one for each channel, and the on / off!
At the rear, 2 input, 2 output and a switch (ValveState and linear).

The look is simple, golden color typical Marshall!


Well, simply turn on the beast and put the volume at will ...


I only use my Line6 JM4 to amplify!
The rendering is very good ... more than a preamp in fact!
I plugged it in many preamp Marshall (ENGL E530, JMP1, Piranha), and the sound was not as good with a Rocktron Velocity (also transistor, but 120w), a Brunetti Rockit, or that a E840/50 ENGL ...
It lacked a bit of body volume and low volume High precision!

I wanted to say this, but this is not to "break" this unit, far from it!
€ 80 OCCAZ we can do better!
In fact, I use it almost every day not to turn a head lamp to play only 20 minutes, and it helps me very well!

To quibble, it may be missing a knob "definition" (tone) channel ... <div>Sometimes, randomly, i like to insert stuff in my rear (and I don't mean tubes...)</div>


I tried several PowerAmp (cited in "sounds"), but for my use, it is perfect. My JMP1, I prefer my Velocity 120.

The QPR is excellent.

He does what is expected of him, but if this is to put a preamp lamps, high-end, this is not what is best.
It does not color the sound cons.

PS: I state again that I bought this unit only to plug my looper / sampler Line 6 JM4 ... not to go again with a good Preamp (even if out of curiosity, I tried, of course )!

Blueblast's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8008
2x80 watts transistor
Valvestate a button (lamp simulation)
Input and output jack
2 Separate volumes


No manual
Very easy just 2 volumes


It is a power amp transistor side so it is very neutral color
The switch adds a touch Valvestate Marshall not transcendent but not bad


I have for many years, never worries, is the power, I use it with a 2x12 cabinet and a valvefx in NoS, and repeated in concert, for the price it is really very good.
Small flat, rather to my config (2x12), a low volume chamber, the sound can appear without dynamic, so attention chamber test that can disappoint. We must put the volume at 9 o'clock the very least to feel the good momentum of the craft.

sam66's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8008
a transistor amps deliver 2 * 80 watts (80 watts of stereo by "side")
volume for each side in front of A and B
behind setting Valvestate or "line" in fact it influt the "rendering" of sound.


config from simple volume and two behind the choice of "rendering" style fortification or "modern"
no manual is all very simple, the loop connecting the outputs for the speakers tt is very clear
the sound is fairly neutral
the power is there, I'm switching from a marshall jvm 410 tt lamps, but the Valvestate is great for those who have an adjacent rack with miulti-effects is a 1U rack so it does not take place trops It is ultimately not so heavy in the fly-box and a couple has two speakers or a stereo cabinet gives its well
two volume knob is rather simple and more settled not taken head on that side!


it depends on the material used and plug in (so listen to)


I used it for 5 years, and he is filled role to perfection, then certainly this is not a tube amp and this sense when going to the lamps, but in my rack of the day j ' had a digitech gsp artist has preamp valve behind the lights and the solution was not very expensive for:

1) be a boost without lugging a semi trailer
2) To play in stereo
3) have enough power to play at home again and live in
which after all is just what one has asked all our gear!
I would do this choice if I went up a rack of effects because of okaze it's really a matter
but my finances are changed and the lamp has warmed up my heart and my ears since ....

Dunce's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good amps! machine to do everything!"

Marshall 8008
A transistor amp rack unit 2x80watts under 4ohms, 8ohms 2x40watts under
not affect just one switch at the rear Valvestate supposed simulated a tube stage (useless).
2 volume knobs, one for each channel.
two inputs two outputs.


Paas need is a manual power amps, enough volume at home or in repeats.


then the sound is very neutral, fearful of any type of preamps.
metal to rock to the funck soul, very versatile.

I board connected over a GX700, a GTpro, a head-AMPIRE behringer v, a v-amp pro, a v-amp, a pod pro and the result is great in the sense that it respects the connected equipment.

I above which employs many ibanez js 1200's nickel


then I am separated as more repeat, live or studio.
to have tested several types of amplifiers, for me the config preamp / power amp is the best.
this is a very good amp. value for money impeccable.

I advice to find cabs at 4 ohms as the amp is more suitable in this config for my part I was rising in PARALLEL celestion rocket 50 and I had twice to 100 watts into 4 ohms hp with amps issuing 2x80watts is total happiness!
in this config it I played 1/3 volume and it was hard with the preamp output to 60%.

JeuxDeCordes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An amp rack compact and very correct"

Marshall 8008
- Power Amplifier in 1U Rack
- 2x80W (4 ohms)
- Jack Inputs & Outputs
- An ON / OFF button
- A volume control knob for each channel
- A Linear Switch / ValveState (simulation lamps)


We can not be simpler. There anything else to set the volume and place the switch "Mode" on the mode you want (Linear / Valvestate)
No need for manual, I've never had elsewhere.


This amp is transparent.

Some say his power level is not a true 2x80X and can be a bit light power level when you have a drummer furious. I've never tested live, just in the studio.


The Value is very good.
For my use it is perfect (in a home studio), I have connected a Digitech preamp VGS2120 then last year a POD and POD HD 500 PRO HD. He has always done his job, that is amplified by letting them express any preamp with good sound at low volume.

If you have a budget of around € 100 for the amp, try to find this amp used, it is a great choice! Also note that it is not broken, then it is on the other hand silencieux.Je have never tried to push very hard time because I use it at home.

I will ever be the same choice without hesitation as I have not found a tube amp rack 5W in 1W switchable.
olivier boisjean07/12/2012

olivier boisjean's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8008
Power amplifier transistor

Jack inputs and outputs

2 X 80 Watts into 4 homs For channels (right and left)

Mode "Valvestate" his spirit lamps or "linear" neutral.


I use it for a long time
Simpler and well .............. there is no
one branch, you turn on the amp, it mounts the volumes and voila!!
Not necessary but clear manual .................

At its very neutral is that the branch with a tube preamp (JMP1, quad, TriAxis, or modeling .... If you set one of his shit it will sound like crap and for a well Logic set ....
It meets very well the preamp plugged it, and whatever it is ....


I plug it into a 2x12 Marshall 1922 with HP changed for Vintage Gold. on the other hand I plug it in stereo (left and right). I removed the internal connection between the HP to connect to mono.
On stage is powerful as well suffisement return. In such small space bar together no need to dub in the sound.


I have a very long time and this amp fills its role very well especially for the average hand.
It is very robust (transistors), at his murder.
Admittedly, this is not a tube amp so it is useless to seek comparaion.
For the price I would do this choice.

audiotrip's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8008
Transistor amp 2x80W
min 4ohm/canal
Jack connectors only
Volume control only
Valvestate switch on the back


Bought used, the manual was not provided but it is not necessary in my opinion.
Very simple configuration, you plug and play.
Before 8008 I played a combo VS65R of the same brand, I found that grain Valvestate when the switch is on, I'm not too homesick.
The sound is good although a few additional watts would have been welcome.


On a rock, punk, electro it does its job.
The Valvestate switch on the back and strengthens the grain Marshall in my case is a nice touch. When the off, the sound is more neutral or at least less distinctive, but it's subtle ...
May be a lack of power but for the home studio, it's enough.
Troubleshooting used to amplify a bass in a Line 6 Pod Pro, but also the fact that the lack of power becomes more problematic for those who love the low round and deep.
For my part coupled with a V-Amp Pro Berhinger and a Harley Benton 4x12 Vintage 30, the rendering is very correct.
I just plug it into a 4x12 412F-BK Bugera brand new, this is not as good (maybe lapping of HP, to see ...) but not bad either.


Used for 6 years in a home studio with various preamps and different cabs, this amp is an excellent value for money.
For the home studio and rehearsal is great, simple and effective.
A good rugged and reliable cheap in secondhand.
If he had let me go, I look for another to replace it.
nano des bois06/13/2012

nano des bois's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" transistor amplifier"

Marshall 8008
Transistor power amplifier

2 entries
2 outputs
and a switch to switch Valvestate which 'simulates the lamps'
An on / off button and voila ...


is simple .... you plug it amplifies ...


This amp does not alter the tint very slightly on the position 'Valvestate' but it's almost inaudible (to me, ears more expert would perhaps the difference ...)


I use it for over 15yrs Repeat. concert is always the power is sufficient to enter in my Marshall 1922 (2x12 "). sound I never give up. Moreover avecen entry my POD XT Live I create a stereo +> 2 thanks to the coup volume settings I can run straight left one stronger than another to accentuate the effect of stereo effects like flanger.

Sortsol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8008
Transistor amplifiers
2 x 80w (but then the small wqtts .....)
linear mode and Valvestate
2 volume pots facade
Mine is black, is the first version I believe


Was no manual, bought okkaz '.
Simple operation, just atention to use speaker cables, to be careful to comply with in / out in single or setreo according to the config, and respect ohms.


The sound is fairly transparent linear.
2x 80w = 160w? Ben apparently this amp challenges the mathematical rules! Yes, 2x 80w = not much here, even for the transistor preamp engl ... I use a 530, three cabs in rotation (in engl 4x12 C30, and behringer marshall 1960 4x12 with Jensen), a gibson nighthawk / jackson RRX / Ibanez S270, and plays black / death. The 530 sounds great through the 8008, but so true, ca emt, lack of decibels! I often play with the head Laboga Herbert 100W lamps in the room next to repeat, nothing to see ben! I do up to 1-2am on Laboga and I broadly covers the battery, then I am stranded at, at the max marshall


Owl as cheap to play in either or with a drummer who does not play too loud. The sound is ok and there are beautiful OCCAZ.