Marshall DSL15H
Marshall DSL15H

DSL15H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the DSL 2012 series.

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didmau 01/10/2014

Marshall DSL15H : didmau's user review

«  Very good amp »

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All 15w lamps with a triode pentode switche to switch to 7.5 w
Super simple adjustment equalize a 3-band presence switche a boost bass and another hollow midrange no reverb


Plugged into a 1X12 ENGL is the sound marshall straightforward. Nothing to do with his little sister HAZE 15H which in my opinion is pathetic next
Manuel?????? You plug it up the sound and plays


DSL means dual super lead. 2 channels: one clean with a gain knob that allows the cruncher but we should turn up the volume or have a good humbucker on the guitar.
The channel then lead there ..! He starts with an overdrive look great, finishing on a huge distortion
Played with SG and STD STRAT LONESTAR. ACDC sound no problem with the first and that of HENDRIX with 2emee
The clean sound is superb in every case. The maximum gain on the crunch channel is not really my thing so I limit its travel 3/4


used for a short time. I had a VOX AC15? THE MARSHALL HAZE the BUGERA OF Ketner EL 84 and I keep my peavey classic 50 still

Very good amp. A remake ................ I do it again without hesitation