Marshall DSL15H
Marshall DSL15H

DSL15H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the DSL 2012 series.

Public price: $690 VAT
Chris Martins 01/15/2014

Marshall DSL15H : Chris Martins's user review

«  15 watts pushing seriously. »

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Small all-tube two channels, 15 watts 6V6 (but looks good 10 more, besides the amps in other brand rather 2X6V6 display 25 watts). Classic tone stack in Marshall: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, shared between the two channels Clean and Vivid, "deep" and "tone shift" respectively boost bass and cut the mids. 3 speaker outputs, 8 ohms (2) and 16 ohms (1) switch and pentode / triode switch to 7.5 watts. Footswitch and cable HP provided. No loop, no reverb, not serious reverb, loop I would have liked anyway ...


Ultra basic configuration. You turn the knobs, listen playing. The sound is very "Marshall", ie big, bold and aggressive but not excessive either, scratching sound that fits in a nickel mix without too do anything. The clean is not highly crystalline but it is very balanced, shared EQ is staged not a problem from one channel to another


Sound is located between the DSL series (timbre) and JVM (gain level). Classic Marshall, obtained on the clean channel a real clean up a crunch AC / DC well typed vintage Plexi, and the overdrive channel goes from Plexi boosted JVM, with a very large headroom, no need for a boost why with this head. The volume level can play carefree group provided not hope to do with a 1x12 to keep a clear, a 2x12 will be shown as bare minimum.


A straightforward amp, with a "historically correct" sound and a big foot in modernism in terms of gain level. Practice in many situations, I see very well in the setup of a guitar a little roots, making scenes midsize or repeating restricted environment on space and looking up the sound signature Marshall.