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Marshall Audio & music gear user reviews

  • Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011]

    Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011] - "Best value for money guitar amp"


    This is transistor amp that sounds very much like tube amp. It is very power and is good for taking to gigs in beer gardens and outside parties and small concerts. The controls are many and good and all range that is normal. You have treble, bass, mi…

  • Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011]

    Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011] - "Awesome amp with surprisingly good tone"


    This is a solid state amp with crystal cleans and a metal tone to die for. Its a very powerful 50W that would make it break windows in your neighbours house. The amp is fully featured and includes 4 channels, a separate delay and reverb. UTILIZATION…

  • Marshall DSL401

    Marshall DSL401 - "Marshall roar that won't tear the roof off"


    The Marshall DSL401 is a 4 x EL-84, 4 x 12AX7-powererd 1 x 12 combo amp that "officially" has two channels but really functions as a three-channel amp. The DSL401 has a clean channel and an overdrive channel. The DSL401 is rated at 40 watts and has a…

  • Marshall 1960s JTM1C

    Marshall 1960s JTM1C - "Tribute to the old gods"


    Marshall has recently released a series of 1 watt amplifiers that correspond to each each of their flagship amps from each era. The JTM 1C is thus the first of the series, modeled after the 60's era JTM amplifiers. The JTM1C is a low wattage combo th…

  • Marshall JVM210H

    Marshall JVM210H - "Perhaps too ambitious"


    The Marshall JVM210H is a feature packed amp. The amp is a 100 watt, el34 based design featuring 2 channels with individual Eq sections as well as separate reverb controls. The master section sports presence, resonance, and two separate master volume…

  • Marshall AFD100 Signature Slash

    Marshall AFD100 Signature Slash - "Slash tones"


    The AFD amp is marshall's signature offering for Slash. Meant to replicate the sounds from slash's modded amps from the appetite for destruction era. The AFD features two modes (#34/AFD) that share a common EQ. The amps is running ECC83's in the pre…

  • Marshall DSL50

    Marshall DSL50 - "Working man's live amp"


    The Jcm 2000 DSL50 is a 50 watt, el34 driven amplifier that really stood apart from the rest of the 2000 series amps alongside its bigger brother the DSL100. The amp feature 2 foot switchable channels that share a global EQ. The amp has a decent numb…

  • Marshall DSL100

    Marshall DSL100 - "Most popular backline Rock amp for a good reason"


    The Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 is a 100 Watt, EL34 based tube amp head with two channels and a comfortable variety of tones and features. Introduced in 1997, it was hailed as the next step to Marshall's famed JCM 800 and JCM 900 series. It offered cle…

  • Marshall 1974X

    Marshall 1974X - "A Rock 'n Roll Time Machine that oozes tone"


    The Marshall 1974X HW is (as indicated by the "HW") a hand-wired 1 x 12 combo amp in the style of the famous Bluesbreaker amp. The amp is rated at 18 watts and has a tube compliment of 2 EL84 tubes in the power amp, 3 ECC83s in the preamp, an EZ81 re…

  • Marshall JVM410H

    Marshall JVM410H - "MARSHALL JVM 410 HAS IT ALL"


    The JVM 410 is Marshall's flagship 100 watt powerhouse. Following in the footsteps of the JCM 2000 series, the jvm has much more that the dsl or tsl ever did. The JVM comes with 4 el 34 power tunes and 1 ecc83. Four preamp tubes along with an awesome…