Marshall 5150 [1987-1991]
Marshall 5150 [1987-1991]

5150 [1987-1991], Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM800 Solid State series.

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kyuss rock 03/19/2005

Marshall 5150 [1987-1991] : kyuss rock's user review


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Very rare amp transistor ISSUED 150Watt sound with two wonderful speacker clestion gt-12t-75.
2 cananeaux (clean and distortion) and reverb which can be a help of a controller footswitsh (distortion and reverb on / off) i change the box of footswitsh by adding a channeler a / b (2in, 1out)
just a small jewelry for a transistor amp! very versatile it can play every stile and add as much DEFFET quon it wants it absorbs all! fx loop with a larrierre of Lampl, an output pr amp, direct out , actually app while Cedon I need!


Very simple to the use, in fact I am born Jamis had the manual as user but are in very good condition! Ay obtien sound quon it wants in the blink of oeuil!


It was very well convien every stile of music that I love to play eg
--with my gx-200 Takamine jy plays very Mtal distortionner (boss pedal overdrive distortion + boss has his checkout!) no room punk (just the distortion of Lampl)
--with my jay thurser 7cordes jarive to simulate the sound of Deftones very easy and takes very well the bass strings of the 7th!
--with my mc-300 Ibanez and my vantage vp820 they are acorder OD (c) jy is my sound very bold and blusy with a wonderful sound very crunshy (a Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age)
I can therefore go a very very crystal-fat or a very very very clean room jy really find my account !!!


I am the User depui soon 1 years!
jadore its versatilitle jy voi only problem are the button that can are longer than the box Lampl donation traveling it is very easy to acrocher them and break them, so i make of her a small metal box to cover them rgler button problem!
the Seulle another dream amp seen for me is a Matamp head (probably green) other than the i try was all very good I may not reproduce tou my narivait has different sounds!
no idea of ​​your value for this amp, it even nest pa sour list the site of marshall e I am born ever find a reusit else!
yes I remake this choice but good luck to find it!