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All user reviews for the Wurlitzer 200A

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 10 reviews )
 8 reviews80 %
 1 user review10 %
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ericthegreat's review"vintage yes!"

Wurlitzer 200A
The Wurlitzer 200A is an electric piano that like the name states has 73 keys and has become a classic instrument. It has built in speakers as well as outputs if you want to send this to an amp or direct and also has a built in tremolo effect. It has knobs to control the volume and the speed of the tremolo effect. It also has a sustain pedal and handles on it for easy moving. The feel of the keyboard is awesome overall as it is easy to play and feels great on the fingers. This great feel makes me want to play it all of the time because it is so easy to play and makes everything you play sound great in my opinion. The sound quality of the Wurlitzer 200A is also top notch as it has a great overall tone that is uniquely recognizable. I love the way that this keyboard sound and the sustain pedal and tremolo effect only add to its versatility, as it would be a great sounding keyboard without either of these features. While there are a number of different Rhodes electric pianos made by Fender that are great models, the Wurlitzer 200A stands out as a perfected model and is one that is almost flawless. The price of the Wurlitzer 200A isn't cheap, but is definitely a reasonable price used if you can find one as this is truly a great electric piano that has a ton of great features to it. I can't say enough about how great all of the electric pianos sound in Fender Rhodes family, and the Wurlitzer 200A is one of the best of its kind. Overall, highly recommended to those looking for a great electric piano. This board is vintage and if you love vintage sounds and looks this one is for you. But good luck finding it.

mooseherman's review

Wurlitzer 200A
What can be said about this instrument that hasn't already been said? There's a reason that these are selling at absurdly high rates right now. From Joni Mitchell to Ray Charles to Motown, many great recordings have been made using these great electric pianos. The 200A is a newer model. When I learned that, I was skeptical, as I remember many companies tampering with a classic and turning out a sub-par imitation. However, the 200A is just as good as the original Wurlitzers, at least as far as I could ever tell. It also has a bit more range than those, as there is a knob for controlling tremolo as well as the original volume knob. This is the only benefit that it has over the 112, but it is a tremendous benefit, as it offers far more range on the natural instrument and requires the player to rely less on outside interference. It also has a speaker which allows the player to quietly play it acoustically. It does have the amp output as well. This, in my opinion, is where the interesting possibilities lie. I love the natural distortion that occurs on this instrument. When I listen to Ray Charles' "What'd I Say" or Marvin's "I Heard it Through the Grapevine", I love the distortion that I hear on them. I'm not even sure that it was intentional, but it's almost irrelevant for me as it's the sound I prefer.This similar effect can be achieved, to various intensities and settings, with a good Fender Twin amp, although any good tube amp will do really. Distortion the one advantage that this has over the Fender Rhodes, which doesn't sound as good distorted, although that instrument is great in it's own right. Great for jazz, blues, rock, gospel, even great hip-hop and dance music has featured these instruments. If you can find/afford a good one, it's well worth it, as there aren't many who can. Be prepared to empty out the account though. For serious musicians only, as far as I'm concerned.

moosers's review

Wurlitzer 200A
I've first used a Wurlizter 200A about five years ago and was immediately blown away by the sound of it. It has the classic Wurli electric piano sound that was used by guys like Ray Charles. The instrument is really straight forward with a volume knob and settings to control the rate of the tremolo effect. It has a sustain pedal and built in speaker so you can just turn it on and play without having to hook it up to an amp, however, it also has outputs that you can send to an external amp if you want to. Being a sucker for the electric piano, this has all the qualities I look for in one. For starters, the action of the piano is real fluid and easy to play. This makes me feel like I am good and helps me to play better. The tone quality of this piano is the best part about it. It is rich in tone and the tremolo is awesome. This piano has become a classic as it has its own unique electric piano tone that has become highly sought after. While each has its own unique tone, I would compare this to a Fender Rhodes as it is an electric piano made by a different company in the same price range. While it is all about personal preference, I usually prefer to play the 200A over any other electric keyboard, as the feel and great sound make for a great overall piano. While you can get pretty close with software like Native Instruments Elektrik Piano, in my opinion no software can reproduce the sound of an instrument like this. If you can find one used, these go for about $1000 USD, which is a reasonable price considering the overall tone quality of this, and I would recommend it to all interested in electric pianos.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Wurlitzer 200A
Buy Used but totally reconditioned by vintagevibe end of 2013.

Before have I had my Wurlitzer VST Arturia then Pianet T Hohner.

What I like the most, sound, mechanical heat ... We feel for the game and it affects the approach of the keyboard, a real pleasure!
The small flat, fragile and difficult to transport without having to open and set 2/3 stuff.

A little expensive, but it is a real investment and if I had the choice again I would not hesitate a moment.

claude1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" expensive but cool"

Wurlitzer 200A
I've had two months works well but lacked some tines.
After thorough cleaning, adjustment, lubrication of mechanical and manufacturing missing tines it is operational.
This is a Wurlitzer 200 U.S. late 60's so a little hum, but you can always change the amp.

I tested all existing apps and: unbeatable sound real is the best.

Not very practical for computer music, no midi, no XLR, AUX very FRO hearphones mono but now with a simple but good microphone sm57 An example, it does pretty well.
The price of missing accessories elevates the overall cost Beware of import taxes. 20%
approximately the sum.
For His Vintage guaranteed this piano is expensive but perfect!

rumeaug's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" for sale! : Wurlitzer 200A internship"

Wurlitzer 200A
Full Wurlitzer 200 A (sustain pedal, feet), reviewed and granted immediately after purchase by one of the (few) specialists in the repair of this type of keyboards (Rhodes, Wurlitzer), Marcel Bourdon.
Almost never used later and kept in a studio apartment (so no sudden movements or temperature changes etc ...).
We simply lack the aluminum plate affixed to the front, place the volume knobs and Treble, containing the name "Wurlitzer". This does not change anything to the sound, just a little less for the aesthetics ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Wurlitzer 200A
In time I make some enthusiast Wurlitzers rflexions about clichés and ides reues suffered by these poor 200, 200A and 214 others. Wurlitzer electric piano is the basis for my set of keyboards is my instrument prdilection (among those that I use to live) and I had one time a chorus which I soon lass I pr eng present the pure, without effects, sound direction (if possible with a BBE DI equipped with a Sonic Maximizer - see my opinion on the BBE DI-100X), if you want an amp lamp, Vox AC-30 is perfect, even better than the Fender Twin Reverb for wurli. Even if the 200A is trsrpandu mainly in rock, and soul, I find that this instrument remains largely under used his tural possibilities are rarely used substance, the style Supertramp , has become a cliché (staccato chords), is certainly not the most INTERESTED fawn to play riffs and groovy-minimalism so effective is not its only means of expression. For the Wurlitzer (the notice must be qualified by the fact that I never touch personally Rhodes - who also is an instrument just as beautiful in its own register), unlike what one might think, is more versatile than Rhodes, to vary his sound palette and its means of expression soon need effects (wha-wha, phaser, filters, effects "crunchy", ring mods etc.) while the Wurli is just itself: the best fawn amliorer to the sound of the transformation of any purer collection outdoor (but I'm not against the express basis of effects sound, if we try something other than a classic "sound Wurli"). Ms a wha-wha trs is not useful, the pure possde dja a standard groove. The wurli, despite or perhaps because of default be a well known place of his relatively short possde a feeling both at the sound of touch, more "pianistic" a Rhodes I would say even he is able to replace the piano in a band or even play a song on the piano destiny (a Bach Invention of a wurli: unusual, but sounds!), which can ask him a Rhodes piano one game less ("the Fender Rhodes should not be played like a piano", says Patrick Muller, pianist Erik Truffaz rhodiste). Apart may be electro-jazz and some styles approaching the wurli be comfortable in different musical styles trs, from jazz to hip-hop, hard rock (I play in a progressive rock band guitars mtalliques mlant origins and aspirations prtentions-jazz on my part). Finally, I would say that is a wurli bte capricious, and sometimes I really feel that like the horse sensitive mood of the rider is sensible of his musical inspiration, it sounds less if you're not in great shape because it is an instrument, like all of the family of electro-mcaniques living, that will never be the best and accumulators best keyboard-Matra. So sometimes, I'm sick of the fragility of the touch irrgulier of the sixty-four notes only, this background noise indsirable, but it gives me makes up for in spades. (I know, I can be pompous trs)

Last updated: DSOL for this boom, which may suggest that I had my t prt dfendre Wurli chrement more than my own life ... Well, I ended up selling it! I was actually sick (too heavy, too fragile, limited irrgulier, noisy, cost me too much). A piano bte numrique ideal for most situations ... As are the vintage intresss rflchissent twice before fall for an original instrument ...

fhm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Wurlitzer 200A
INTERPRETATION songwriter, I started wurli will integrate the 200A in my pop songs for three years.
Since then, I never stopped. Whether ground or buried in the mix forward, wurli dlicieux brings this feeling that roots indfinissable trs aisment aurally palpable. Texture, organic sound that brings DGIG chleur and thickness without Fawn outrancire win.
In total adquate with the homecoming that s'opre in pop music and pop rock of today, is also wurli trs Submitted sessions in electro-pop and electro-jazz.

The more complicated in fact, to find a good wurlitzer.
There are not too long ago one could still easily find a esprer wurli United States around $ 1000. Today, some are selling up over 2000 USD, the average price recorded as of around $ 1500 $ -1,700 with no food!
Specializing online stores have emerged (or vintagevibe speakeasy) and it is not only Wurlitzers 200A restored and sold around $ 3500 that you can find, but all the spices of parts, factory or home and sell price of gold.
The wurli is really being renatre from its ashes and that's good because it is a keyboard legends of roots used since the late 50's until today. Although it is impossible to mention the thousands recordings using a "Wurli" some of the best known are:

* What I'd Say (Ray Charles)
* I Am The Walrus (The Beatles)
* Get Back (Beatles)
* Rodeo (Garth Brooks)
* Down So Long (Jewel)
* Ladies of the Canyon (Joni Mitchell)
* Just like I pictured it (Medeski Martin & Wood)
* Start-stop (Medeski Martin & Wood)
* Dracula (Medeski Martin & Wood)
* Top Of The Wolrd (The Carpenters)
* Superstar (The Carpenters)
* Paper Bass (Medeski Martin & Wood)
* Have a Cigar (Pink Floyd)
* Money (Pink Floyd)
* Time (Pink Floyd)
* Bloody Well Right (Supertramp)
* Dreamer (Supertramp)
* Hide in your shell (Supertramp)
* The Logical Song (Supertramp)
* Goodbye Stranger (Supertramp)
* Every Little Kiss (Bruce Hornsby)
* She Caught The Katy (Blues Brothers)
* I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)
* See the sky about to rain (Neil Young)
* Godwhacker (Steely Dan)
* And the Cradle Will Rock (Van Halen)
* Momma Told Me Not to Come (Three Dog Night)
* Joy to the world (Three Dog Night)
* You're My Best Friend (Queen)
* Stay with me (The Faces)
* Do it again (Steely Dan)
* Fly (Zucchero)
* The Book (Sheryl Crow)
* All I Want to Do (Sheryl Crow)
* Come Away With Me (Norah Jones) ... and even other artists such as:
* Kaiser Chiefs
* Gnarls Barkley
* Tori Amos (album "Strange Little Girls" and "Scarlet's Walk" on scne "Strange Little Tour" in 2001 and "On Scarlet's Walk" tour in 2002 and 2003)
* Beck (Where It's At)
* Matthew Bellamy (Feeling Good)
* Madeleine Peyroux (I'm All Right)
* Daft Punk (Digital Love)

keti's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Wurlitzer 200A
I never mock a song with a sound of the synth wurli imit. A soon as I install my 200A in my home studio I was recording the accompaniment of a pop ballad, a little swing in California. When you have the REAL instrument under the fingers, it's another world ...
Ray Charles (What I'd say), Supertramp (half of their hits including Goodbye stranger), the Eagles (I think that this is a wurly on i can t tell you-why), short, c ' is the piano pop-rock-blues (by Rhodes, which is more jazz? may be good ...)

Exprience with, oh yes I do it again this election, and even more tt in my life!
A Wurlitzer is full of Posie, sensations, musical groove. It is both inevitable and kitsch, fragile and lgitime, dpouill and rich.
The "fat" sound, which DLIC! And trmolo, mmmh!

At the same time, still has a Wurlitzer, a poor electric piano a little gadget! This is not a Steinway, so do not be lulled by the sellers would have you believe that rhyme vintage forcment with exceptional quality.
Beware, beware the price increase, you do not have: a must ngocier around 1300 euros max (if full) And then you have prvoir a budget for the re-state, then the maintenance.
I will sell one or two IMMEDIATE synths now that I have my 200A (why no rdite electric pianos, Rhodes or Wurli? There would be a small market I think ...)

zill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Wurlitzer 200A
Five and a half octaves in a molded plastic case fawn 70s, almost a toy look, and yet ..... a legend!

At departure it was intended as a small study piano with Americans, some of them were linkable in the schools of music but fortunately he came out of the classroom to accompany the greatest hits of history of pop: "money", "logical song" ........

Unlike the Fender Rhodes electric piano is a functioning with quite Paisses strips loaded with static electricity, sound possde then a biting attack and another color to it if Particular re. It is quite surprising at the beginning to feel the vibrations of the reeds get onto the keyboard, you suddenly port in a world that is far, very far from the accumulators

the keyboard is hard enough pieces of the mechanical hammers are short and quick answer is it possible to make these famous sixteenth note rhythm in the Manire of "Supertramp".
Choose rather to make rock riffs / pop, put him a nice little chorus and "Goodbye Stranger":-) it becomes downright magical
For the jazz fusion prfrez a Rhodes has her much more sustain, but Ray Charles Vonda Sheppard, Wurli baladera is both the blue rythm'and the country.
It possde vibrato which only the depth varies, incorporated an amp and there is a cot hp each. It is autonomous, not too heavy, once the foot enlevs he takes under his arm like a big synth.
It is fragile, capricious, rgler not easy, but once that was over the fingers, the guaranteed thrill.