Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitars
Solid Body Electric Guitars Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitars
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Used electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitars

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  • Schecter Omen 8 Electric guitar
    from Reverb.com

    Schecter Omen 8 Electric guitarhas images


    Schecter Omen 8 Electric guitar! Plays and sounds great! Guitar says used on back of headstock. Thank you for checking us out! Any questions please let us know!

  • Ibanez RG7621
    from Reverb.com

    Ibanez RG7621has images


    Just finished up this custom 4 colorJem style swirl 7 string! 1998 RG7621 Made in Japan Fujigen! 4 color custom swirl on body and headstock, Violet, Black, Neon Pink and Light Blue!

  • Gibson Flying V 7-String Ebony
    from Reverb.com

    Gibson Flying V 7-String Ebonyhas images


    This Gibson is a rad guitar if you like 7 strings or v’s. In 2011-2012 they made about 200 of the entire run so each color about 70 or so. It comes with steinberger gearless tuners (not as bad a…