Lâg Stephan Forté S1000SF
Lâg Stephan Forté S1000SF

Stephan Forté S1000SF, Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitar from Lâg in the Signature series.

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dave-77 03/05/2011

Lâg Stephan Forté S1000SF : dave-77's user review


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* Head: Design 7 Reverse Lag, Lag flamed maple with logo and signature Stephan Forté
* Mechanical: High Precision
* Nut: Self-locking Floyd Rose 7
* Rod Adjustment: Double meaning
* Neck: Maple 7-string, bolt
* Fingerboard: Ebony
* Frets: 27, Silver-Nickel, Jumbo
* Body: Flamed Maple top with fillets stained maple on mahogany body
* Pickups: 2 DiMarzio humbucker coil-Stephan Forté
* Bridge: Floyd Rose 7 string
* Electronics: 1 volume, 1 tone with Push-Pull (split), 3 position pickups selector
* Case: Case Croco Arkane


this guitar is very light, the body is as thin as ibanez no problems with S gene for right hands.
the floyd is a unique reputation ca n therefore is more sensitive and want to do well the agreement.
the knobs and selector are ideally placed, one small question I ask myself if c is a problem with the switch or it may have because I recall that it is circular.
The most important thing for me the handle, the handle was very thin in my opinion as thin as the dean rusty cooley therefore thinner than the ibanez but not annoying, of course it is large, c is a normal 7-string
but somehow I feel better about my lag on a sword 6cordes.
the access to the 24th box is really great thank you to handle, satin ebony, but also the fact that there is 27cases.


then for sound c is an entirely personal opinion but I'm not a fan if I remember correctly this is a tone zone and air box modified with more bass and more midrange c s why I like it no more AC but that said if it sounds and we can all afford.


+ + excellent quality-price lot of people think that everything is manufactured in Korea c is the m ----
c is normal but they have a specification if they are told to make a guitar at 300 euros they will like the No matter which person job if your boss asks you to do a job for an amount of 300 Euros will not go No make a profit of 2000 euros, although c is the same except of course the wages and taxes are not the same and with this guitar has the equivalent of Euro 1300 will be a rga420 an ibanez (1600 E) and rg4570 (1800 E) no no c is not April 1st test both you and not another option verrez.si a bédarieux 2.5xplus expensive but of course the quality is much higher.