Millenium MPS-100
Millenium MPS-100

MPS-100, Electronic Drum Kit from Millenium.

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All user reviews for the Millenium MPS-100

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 9 reviews )
 1 user review11 %
 3 reviews33 %
 2 reviews22 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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Dj_Garfield's review"A good investment :)"

Millenium MPS-100
I've been testing this instrument for two days already, because someone offered it to me secondhand ($100) and, not having the resources for a high-end product, the idea seduced me for the connectivity: One MIDI OUT port, the original sounds are indeed drowned in reverb and you can't adjust it. I have dived into software like Fruitty, with which I can play acoustic drum sets of excellent quality using ASIO4ALL to reduce the latency down to almost 0. You can play on ALL types of drums and even sample drum kits and play with them...
I don't think I made a bad decision, this kit holds all its promises and it works great with good software programs :)
In terms of editing, it's über-flexible, you can do whatever you want. In short, it's a great investment to work or play with other musicians, given its price of $300 (in March 2014), you won't regret it!
Enjoy :)

NikoMcbrain's review"Good as a first drum kit"

Millenium MPS-100
This was the first drum kit I bought, it seems simple and the price is affordable! I can confirm that it is easy to use, it takes 15-20min to set it up and the module is very easy to use.
The type of drum sounds on the module are nice, it is very easy to use (manage sounds, etc.).
So, its main strengths are the price, the toms, the cymbals, and, especially, the bass drum pedal, which is very responsive, but be careful with the snare drum because some spots don't sound at all, it's very annoying!
Nevertheless, the sound is not the best, it has a reverb, that is impossible to get rid of and it's very annoying! The sound hasn't much attack, due to the reverb, and you really need an excellent audio output for it to be convincing, because it's the audio output that will give your drums a good sound or not. (Despite that, the reverb is unbearable.)

All in all, this drum kit is not bad, for a beginner, it's even very good. You just need to foresee changing the module fast because the one that comes with it is tiring (although that depends on how much you play it). You can always make a drum kit evolve, though, and if you are just starting out, it's more than enough. But if you have the money to buy something more high-end, don't hesitate!!
If you are an experienced drummer and this is your first ELECTRONIC drum set, look somewhere else or you'll be disappointed.

PS: The cans that come with it are of good quality and are more than enough for this kit.

Broadly speaking:

Ease of use
Different sounds

It's impossible to remove the reverb
Limited module
The hi-hats (sensibility) and snare (muted spots) are frustrating

Xavier75020's review

Millenium MPS-100
I bought this kit as a Christmas present for my 9-year old son, who started playing drums several months ago. My goal was to make practicing at home enjoyable for him and that he hit it off with the instrument. I didn't want to spend much, even if that means having to invest more in 2-3 years, if he really is fond of playing.
Everything is well packaged and rationally distributed.
The diagrams are very clear and it's easy to set up. Overall, it seems of good quality and resistant. It's even surprising, for the price ($400). Extremely clear pad-modules cabling: Every cable has its color code and the name of the pad!
After several days of use, we are very satisfied with it: You hit it and it sounds, which is what you expect of it! No insensitive zones, the center of the cymbals is too sensitive (that's where the sensor is). For the price, it's spectacular!
Moreover: a library of 30 different drum/percussion sounds, 50 pre-recorded songs to play along (you can mute the drum part), individual volume control for each pad, one headphone output, one amp/hi-fi system output, one MIDI out.
I have my reservations on the sensitivity of the cymbals, which is average. The pedals (hi-hat and bass drum) aren't easy to use, the soundbank is of good quality, even though not too diverse. But to be honest, if it weren't for these defects, I don't know what makes the big names (Roland and Yamaha) so different.
In conclusion: It's a drum kit for beginners that is worth the money. I have no objective reason to be disappointed. I would definitely buy it again, if I had the same goal in mind.

benj63's review

Millenium MPS-100
I've been using it for two months, I think I paid about $300, shipping and handling included.
You can't find anything cheaper, it's very good to start out and learn. I have an acoustic kit for rehearsals with my band and I use the electronic kit to work without bursting my eardrums.
I tested the Roland models at a trade show and there is a big difference in price.
The only negative point is the reverb, which can't be adjusted nor removed!!!
Its main strengths are the sound and volume controls, as well as its sturdiness.
You need to hit the cymbal pads really hard but you can get nice sounds, it's hard to do rolls on the hi-hat without skipping a note.
But don't forget it costs $300!!!

Mix2dub's review

Millenium MPS-100
I used it a month and sold it immediately.
The price is very attractive but the quality isn't very good.
I also tested the next model, the mps300. The only differences between them are the module, and the snare and tom pads.
Its value for money is all right, especially for beginners. I think an experienced drummer will take it to its limits in a couple of months.

The module lacks precision, I recommend you to use the PC or an expander for the sounds.
If you don't hit it like crazy, it might be interesting. If it were possible to change modules, I would've bought an Alesis D4, and since it allows you to adjust the pads, the drum kit elements would respond better than with the original module.

The module is made by Médéli and I found four different sellers for this product online. The lowest price was $400 (musicstore, although the price is a bit higher this summer for the complete set), it's certainly not expensive. It's especially worth it as a first experience, but I prefer to spend more to get something of better quality (the Yamaha dt xpress isn't expensive secondhand and it will surely hold up!!!)

I recommend it as a silent kit or to start out in the electronic drum kit / computer music world, or for an experienced drummer who wishes to add some electronic pads to his acoustic kit.

electralia44's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Millenium MPS-100
Good morning.
I was surfing the net to find the best price comparison for drumkit-MPS 100.Malgr my 13 years, I would buy it from me until next year (2008), in a budget of 400 euros I could Exceeds ;-) . Please give me rponces to help me.


ridiculeman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Millenium MPS-100
It is on that that price, I do not expect a wonderful quality, but cel said, I am interested by the purchase of this drumkit.

Can you tell me where to go to buy this MODEL 222?

thank you very much

Congratulations on this site TOP!

luch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Millenium MPS-100
After a month of use:

The sounds are of excellent quality headphones.
Charley the pads / cymbals are frustrating rather quickly (Sensitivity)
Charley's foot is quite difficult to control

In positive
Always the same: you can work for cheap.
I maintain that we must take it as an alternative to a dummy drumkit.
Lovers of good sound / recording needs, etc ... go your way.
Amateurs working independence, work snare, etc ... it's good.

******************* **************** Initial notice

- How long have you use it?

I ended up in the morning. The manual is in English and German, quite difficult to understand at first, but putting it is good.

- What is so special that you like most and least?

What I like most is
and therefore the possibility to try the "drumkit" without making too much noise and above all without breaking the bank, to buy more later, and knowing what I want. See the flaws of a drumkit electronic entry and to appreciate their value the best materials
the pads are not that bad (except cymables)
usability of the module
packaging :-)
What I like least is
quality cymbal pads and Charles (Charley?) (charlet?) low blows through the cracks, a very sensitive area in the middle (of 3 cm2). Only about 3 different volumes. There is no pb on the other pads
the quality of the reverb, not adjustable and very very dirty (especially through headphones and especially on the bass drum).
the sensitivity of the hi-hat pedal on its "closure", combined with single volume of this sound .... in "tremulous" foot slightly, it's kind of a rolling closure of Charley ... well, I exaggerate a bit, but you know what I mean ....
the balance of volumes "factory" (but there are memories to solve the pb) especially on closed hi-hat (too strong) and drum (too low)
- Have you tried many other models before buying it?

no ... I just went to see the lowest price in Milonga, and I ordered the Millennium

- How would you rate the quality / price?

We must know why you buy this model.
Personally, it put me on drums and see if it does not rot in a corner past the first 2 weeks of enthusiasm. At worst my girls play with and I tap once in a while. If, despite the shortcomings, I continue, I'll go to qulité supéerieure. I never tried "to see" if the investment was about 800 Euros ... to 330 Euros, it is less a problem.

When I say put me on drums, is improve my perception of rhythm to improve myself on guitar / vocals, improve the independence arms legs, and able to troubleshoot OCCAZ to the drumkit without blushing

It is also a kind of silent improved drumkit ;-)

Anyone who thinks buying a roland / yamaha is wrong and will be disappointed.

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Yeah, since it is not trying to ruin me ...
Dim w01/16/2006

Dim w's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Millenium MPS-100
I use this drumkit for over a month, its price is my crack, before I had tried DTXPLORER Yamaha and Roland TD3 and TD6 (not the same price), overall it meets, its r on, the module is complete, satisfying sound although not original trs, support is nice, a little BMOL ....... sometimes the module or the sensor does not cover or trs simultaneous moves faster (?)
The tough stand trs + +, the pads are correct without more, the sensitivity on average, the bass drum pad adequate but noisy (comes with the pedals for that matter), the big weakness comes from the pads and cymbals hit hat (3 pads identical) vraimment mdiocre to hit hat, random image sensitivity, and the cymbals a bit better .....
Balance sheet
It happens all of the same has s'clater with (I'm a scratch, which taps some ...), the sensitivity trs average intended me a beginners, (that good for work), drummer hardens is likely to be had, less than Whereas as a toy!
But the base must be the same as the MPS-300, and it is no problem the price of 340 euros. My rating is 7, (8 taking into account the price)