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Yamaha Electronic Wind Instruments user reviews

  • Yamaha WX5

    Yamaha WX5 - musical92's review


    Hello, I have a small question which can be a little beast: how-to program yamahaWX5 with yamahaQY100 sequencer with MIDI connection between the two? someone could m'claircir on this? thank you in advance Cdlt …

  • Yamaha WX7

    Yamaha WX7 - pgreslin's review


    A MIDI controller extraordinary for those who like me have already the mastery of a wind instrument (I have 12 years of clarinet at the conservatory being young Yeah ... it's been 20 years already so) It took me a few hours to get by with WX7 and a…

  • Yamaha WX 11

    Yamaha WX 11 - saxobar's review


    I purchased this unit ds leaving the late 80, 89 trs exactly ... I tried the era its competitor the casio. This instrument is very useful for saxophonists who do not speak a keyboard and want to drive an expander, however, has remained a monophon…

  • Yamaha WX5

    Yamaha WX5 - Fluch's review


    Used for more than 6 months. The models with dj essay Previous (WX7 & 11), and not convinced of the usability and fragility of the EWI, I t + sduit the great ease to address this controller. Notament level cls octaves, which are admittedly much mor…

  • Yamaha WX7

    Yamaha WX7 - ulriclarg's review


    I use this instrument since 1990, in diffrent sessions live or studio including control of virtual instruments. Right now, I use it in a jazz session in a box of Douala in Cameroon. I have just a small inquitude because I am well aware that this wond…

  • Yamaha WX7

    Yamaha WX7 - Fred160656's review


    I use the WX7 for over 10 years, it's really an "instrument" Entire hand, it allows many instrumentalists (clarinet, flute, saxophone) of driving synths and sound modules also well as virtual intruments, with complte mastery of expressiveness provide…