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Elka user reviews

  • Elka AC1280R

    Elka AC1280R - "Elka AC1280R"


    i went in to my local music store looking for an amp and guitar package when i seen it i paid 345 euros for it it has an excellent array of controls for only an 80 watt you can plug all sorts of pedals or even stacks into it ,it has a clean and dist…

Translated user reviews
  • Elka MK-88

    Elka MK-88 - " solid material"


    I had to control various synths and my training as a pianist that I need a keyboard with heavy UTILIZATION The feel is nice and suitable for my use. Setup is simple, easily accessed on stage settings The manual is not the easiest with colleag…

  • Elka AMK 800

    Elka AMK 800 - " Reference !!!!!"


    I have 3 in working condition, and one for parts .... this keyboard represents everything a programmer can dream, language alphanumeric keys fully programmable, I have made my first over 600 titles, he m ' accompanied in all balls, resisted the 380vo…

  • Elka Synthex

    Elka Synthex - " Exceptional"


    Already presented in other notices UTILIZATION VERY easy to use, and I do not really understand the point of view of voicetrack on memory, there are only two buttons to press to save a sound made from presets. A button / knob per function is ob…

  • Elka Rhapsody 490

    Elka Rhapsody 490 - FredRx.Daniel's review


    This is a machine Strings (Italian) in the mid 70s. It has 4 octaves Two sounds (stackable) Violin Cello and Strings No effect A single setting possible: the release Side connectors, audio output (mono) in 6.35 and an input jack for a volum…

  • Elka Rhapsody 610

    Elka Rhapsody 610 - " sublime !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


    it is mainly a string machine, violin, cello and piano but harpsichord. So four sounds can be used separately or together. volume, decay, and that's it. 5 octaves, made for an expression pedal, a global output, an output piano ... UTILIZATION…

  • Elka OMB5

    Elka OMB5 - minouagrifffe's review


    a preset synth arranger and programmable rate. UTILIZATION the sound of the'm using it to make funk.machine apparently quite limited (mixture of preset sounds to) but very fun and very complete.machine oriented experimentation. has recommen…

  • Elka Soloist 505

    Elka Soloist 505 - " excellent"


    small keyboard "Baloch"! one in between, a entrepdale (I know not what use elsewhere I did not) Use either preset, or "variation" ie you can play on the bend, the attack, the release, the cutoff of each preset UTILIZATION there's no simpler: …

  • Elka Elkatone 615

    Elka Elkatone 615 - zitouni's review


    HP cabin type rotary Leslie spring reverb two bodies: a header containing rotating treble horn and a 2 channel amp, and a database containing a rotary woofer a remote control gives access to the start of the engines, two-speed switch, régalges two …

  • Elka X109

    Elka X109 - " good organ"


    Organ / proto-synth. version of the E19 COMBO: Overall volume-adjusted organ -Volume of each independently adjustable keyboard + Sustain Adjustable Bass-manual - "Magic chords" on the lower keyboard Presets-proto-synth (brass, piano, harpsichord…